Kaze no Stigma

Chiba TV (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • 9/20/07
      During their battle, Ayano was able to bring back the Kazuma they all know and love, putting an end to their ordeal. But there’s still another problem to deal with and that is Burnheart. It seems that Burnheart has fled, but not before allowing Lapis to complete his plan by summoning "Belial" the highest rank of demon in the Netherworld.moreless
    • The Crimson Flame
      Episode 23
      As Pandemonium gathers power from its victims, demons erupt from their unsuspecting hosts. Tokyo?s last chance is Ayano ? to save her city, she must first save Kazuma.
    • Crimson Flame
      Crimson Flame
      Episode 23
      The night for Pandemonium’s arrival has come and all the seeds have gathered in Central Park to claim their right for power. Ayano is now prepared to carry out her resolve and bring him back from his past to the present but she will have to use force. As Kazuma and Ayano duke it out, she unknowingly gains a higher level of power, the "Crimson Flame".moreless
    • 9/6/07
      After Kazuma allowed Utsumi to capture Nanase, he goes Central Park, where he has a battle with a seed of Pandemonium. Even though Ren was there, he was unable to deter Kazuma from his twisted path. Ren is determined to stop Kazuma from what he is doing but what will Ayano choose to do with the words of encouragement she receives?moreless
    • The Mad Wind Mage
      Episode 21
      With the memories of his lost love flooding back, Kazuma is on a rampage taking out any of the seeds, who may have a shred of info on the new location of Pandemonium. Kazuma is at the point where he would do anything to kill Burnheart and that includes hurting his friends.moreless
    • 8/23/07
      You can run all you want, but sooner or later, the past will catch up to you. Kazuma knows this sensation all too well since he?s been running from memories all his life.
    • Lapis Afterimage
      Lapis Afterimage
      Episode 20
      Kazuma was able to reach Ren and he confronts the leader behind it all, Decalius a.k.a. Burnheart Rhodes. Just before Kazuma could do anything he stands there frozen, as Lapis (a duplicate of Kazuma’s late lover Tsuo Rin) comes crashing through. Decalius uses this opportunity to escape by destroying Pandemonium. But now Decalius has moved his plan onto a new phase, by offering people even greater power, via class change.moreless
    • Pandemonium
      Episode 19
      It is night and Ren is out with his friends when he discovers the hidden mansion, behind the game known as Pandemonium, all of a sudden he was abducted by the one who’s behind it all. After finding out what had happened, Kazuma, Ayano and Kirika enter the Pandemonium to save Ren but what will they uncover?moreless
    • Tokyo R.P.G.
      Episode 18
      While investigating the case of regular people acquiring special powers, Kazuma runs into a familiar face. Meanwhile more and more of these so called "players" are beginning to emerge and detective team begins to uncover the secrets behind the "Pandemonium".
    • 8/2/07
      Kousuke Utsumi is a well-known peeping tom in the school and one day when he was taking pictures of girl’s practice, in the bushes, Nanase felt the need to finally put an end to it. Now Utsumi is holding a grudge against her and the rest of the tennis club and what makes it worse is that he has acquired cursed magic. Where did these special powers come from?moreless
    • Father and Child
      Episode 16
      Kazuma, Ren, Ayano and her friends are off to the Marunage Hot Springs, however Ayano is unaware that this was just another one of Juugo’s schemes, to get the to of them closer together. Although things may not go according to plan as Kazuma’s dad, Genma is also at the Hot Springs.moreless
    • Katherine Returns
      Episode 15
      Katherine Macdonald is still in Japan and is hunting demons, to be ready to take on Ayano again. All the hunting she is doing is causing a huge commotion, which draws the attention of Kazuma. He makes her know that she would never beat Ayano as she currently is, so Katherine decides to hire him as her coach to be ready for the duel in a week’s time.moreless
    • 7/12/07
      A brash, young beauty arrives from across the sea ? intent on building a reputation for her own family by challenging Ayano to a fiery duel.
    • Ayano-chan's Further Disasters
      Following another troubling job, Kazuma decides to treat Ayano to dinner at a high class restaurant and she can’t seem to contain her excitement. With things going well, it isn’t surprising that their lovely meal is then interrupted by a group of these who are then driven off by another fire mage. This other fire mage happens to be Katherine of the Macdonald Clan, in America and she ends up challenging Ayano for the title of the strongest fire clan.moreless
    • 7/5/07
      Kazuma and Ayano are heading to the Amusement Park, with Ren, after being requested by Juugo to check it out for spirits. Juugo seems to have an ulterior motive for this request, as he told Ren to invite his friends, so that Kazuma and Ayano can spend the day alone.
    • 6/28/07
      While Ayano is battling Kureha, Kazuma and Ren are able too save Ayumi and Mayumi from her fate, of being a sacrifice for the Grand Festival. However in the process of doing this, Kazuma may have accidentally unsealed the Demon Beast of Mt. Fuji, Xenon. Will they be able to destroy Xenon before it fully emerges?moreless
    • 6/21/07
      The time for the Tsubawaki clan's Grand Festival is coming up and with Mayumi also being used alongside Ayumi, Yuuji has given in to the power in order to protect Mayumi. Ren doesn't want to give up on Ayumi and with the help of his sister, he heads out to save her.moreless
    • 6/14/07
      With hormones raging and the forces of puberty dragging him in multiple directions, Ren takes a stand to protect an enchanting girl who mysteriously appears one moonlit night.
    • The One to Protect
      The One to Protect
      Episode 10
      Ayumi tells Ren she wants to go to the beach, where they meet the Tsuwubakis. Ren has a fight with them to protect Ayumi. It is then that Ayumi is revealed to not be human, but rather a human experiment (clone), created for the Taisai ritual for sealing Mount Fuji. Meanwhile, Kazuma is still watching the Tsuwabukis and waiting for the treasure.moreless
    • 6/7/07
      Attracted by a beautiful song, Ren meets a young girl, Ayumi, who has escaped from the Tsuwabuki family, the most powerful Chi-Jutsushi clan. Seeing how badly they treat her, Ren decides to use his power to protect her at the cost of starting a conflict between the Kannagis and Tsuwabukis. Meanwhile, Kazuma accepts a mission from Tiana's tribe, for a decent reward, to retrieve the pixie treasure stolen by the Tsuwabukis.moreless
    • Ayano-chan's Misfortune
      Ayano is sent to investigate a hitodama that has been sighted at Seiryô Academy, her own school. Kazuma is hired as her bodyguard and Yukari and Nanase, wanting to see a real ghost, tag along. However, the disturbance turns out to be the work of the mischievous pixie Tiana, and Ayano becomes a target for her countless pranks.moreless
    • Ayano?s Disaster
      Episode 8
      Like it or not, Kazuma and Ayano can't get away from each other. This time, it's a strange disturbance at the feisty heiress's school that's brings them together.
    • 5/24/07
      After being shortly delayed by Ayano's surprise attack, Kazuma, together with Ayano and Ren, faces off against Misao, who is still powerless against him. Michael Harley informs Misao that she has commited terrible sins and will never be able to defeat Kazuma. He also uses Misao's body and her accumulated Yoki to create a dragon. Ayano, Ren and Kazuma must destroy the dragon while not harming Misao. Can they really do it?moreless
    • 5/17/07
      The Kannagi's hire Kazuma to investigate a string of murders, but transfer the job to the police investigators and the Ôgami family once it becomes clear that Misao is involved. With her own family planning to eradicate Misao, only Kazuma does not wish to give up on her, and only Ayano is powerful enough to stand in Kazuma's way. But will Ayano be powerful enough to stop Kazuma from interfering?moreless
    • Misao, the sister of one of the Kannagi clansmen killed at the construction site in the first episode, is out to kill Kazuma for revenge. However, neither her own power nor her hired assassins can scratch him. Just as she contemplates suicide, a mysterious boy, Michael Harley, approaches her and offers to fulfill her desires for power, revenge and death.moreless
    • Contractor
      Episode 4
      Leaving Ayano behind to hold off Ryūya, Kazuma proceeds to rescue Ren. However, with Ayano defeated, Ryūya manages to merge with the released demon. Ayano, Kazuma, and Ren must combine their forces to stop the demon's advance. In a last ditch attempt, Kazuma prepares to activate his contract. But he needs Ayano to hold off Ryūya while the activation is completed. Will Ayano be able to do it?moreless
    • 4/26/07
      Kazuma and Ayano join forces to save someone dear to them both. He'll bring the wind, and she'll supply the fire, as they take on the fight of their lives.
    • Kannagi Family Head
      Kazuma must put his disagreement with the Kannagi Family to one side. This is so that he is able to exchange information with them to find his missing brother.

      With the meeting of the two side rebellion of the Wind Fang clan serving the Kannagis comes to light.

      Kazuma proposes a rescue plan based on cooperation between him and Ayano.

      Can Kazuma and Ayano work together to find Ren (Kazuma's brother who is part of the Kannagi clan)?moreless
    • 4/19/07
      The one that was sent to capture Kazuma for questioning for the attacks was none other than Kazuma's father (Genma Kannagi). The battle starts off with Genma overpowering Kazuma. But Kazuma ends up defeating his father with a special wind technique.

      Later on Kazuma is visited by his brother (Ren Kannagi) but the reunion is short lived as Ren get kidnapped by a powerful wind user.

      Who is this person that has taken Ren and do have any connection to the attacks on the Kannagi house?moreless
    • Return of Wind
      Episode 1
      Kazuma, who was exiled four years earlier for his defeat for Enraiha and his lack of talent for fire magic, returns to Japan with a changed name and a new power (wind).

      Suddenly a powerful wind user comes into town and starts attacking his old clan (Kannagi house). They do not believe him and prepare to attack him.

      Can Kazuma prove his innocent or must he now face an all out war with his old clan?moreless