Kaze No Yojimbo

Nippon Television Network Corporation (ended 2002)


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    Kaze No Yojimbo is disgustingly underated. Its 1,000,000 times better than Naruto and yet its so underated. Unlike that worthless Inuyasha it actually has a decent ending....all the plot threads are ended and the ending was just downright epic. Sorry to you narutards and inuyasha fangirls.....but i mean come on.....you people find the time to watch those peices of garbage the least you can do is give this awesome show the respect it deserves. Anyway back to the review. Jyouji "George" Kodama arrives in the town of Kimujuku in search of a man named Genzo Araki. Unable to find him, he learns that the town is divided in two distinct factions. Sensing that Kimujuku's residents are hiding something, Jyouji takes work from each faction, playing them against each other in an effort to uncover the secret and the whereabouts of Genzo. I give Kaze No Yojimbo 8.5 out of 10.