Kaze No Yojimbo - Season 1

Nippon Television Network Corporation (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide


  • So Long
    So Long
    Episode 25
  • The Close Call
    The Close Call
    Episode 24
  • The Great Excursion
    The Great Excursion
    Episode 23
  • Tankura Manor Ablaze
  • The Search for the Truth
  • Bingo
    Episode 20
  • The Sniper
    The Sniper
    Episode 19
  • The Vendetta
    The Vendetta
    Episode 18
  • The Great Sting
    The Great Sting
    Episode 17
    Ginzame crew starts digging the copper mine but they haven't found any gold or platinum. Just when they are about to give up, they find what appears to be a hidden space on the map. However, the result is dreadful. As soon as Fukajiro and his men enter the room behind a small shrine, the walls and the ceiling start falling, causing many Ginzame men dead and wounded. Meanwhile at the Tanokura residence, Tanokura is all smiles knowing what is going on.moreless
  • Swapping Hostages
    Swapping Hostages
    Episode 16
    As promised, Tanokura and Ginzame execute the exchange: Ginzame to release the son of Genzo Araki; Tanokura will, in return, transfer the copper mine deeds to Ginzame. Convinced that the treasure is hidden somewhere in the mine, everyone at Ginzame is ecstatic. However, only Rin is skeptical as to why Tanokura gave it up so easily. He's also unhappy that George is still around.moreless
  • The Counterattack
    The Counterattack
    Episode 15
    George finds out the man who attacked him is a son of Genzo Araki, the man he's been looking for all this time. He also knows Ginzame would love to have him in their possession since his father is a key to the missing treasure. Sensing this is a good chance to redeem himself and join the ring once again; George detains the man and sells him to Ginzame.moreless
  • False Reconciliation
    The situation in Kimujuku takes a sudden turn. Rin cleverly works behind the scene to settle the situation between Tanokura and Ginzame. Peace has returned to Kimujuku and everyone is relieved. Everyone except George. Since he was using their disputes to get his way, he now has nowhere to go. Everyone is expecting him to leave, but he has no intention of leaving until the mystery is solved.moreless
  • The Man Who Returned
    In a small town next to Kimujuku, a man casually walks in to a bar. The bartender who was just chattering cheerfully with a customer instantly turns pale and shudders in fear. The man's name is Rin Shirogane, the youngest of the Shirogane brothers who was just released from prison. After serving only 3 years he's back, and he has a gun. This episode is extremely violent.moreless
  • The Echo
    The Echo
    Episode 12
    Miyuki takes George to an old copper mine museum, thinking it's a date. But just when she thinks everything is perfect for their first kiss, they run into Raccoon. He's hiding from the police because they arrest anyone on the Ginzame payroll these days. Later that night, he visits George at the hotel, begging him to obtain the map of the mine from Tanokura. Raccoon's childhood trauma is revealed in this episode. Can he overcome the fears to save his best friend?moreless
  • Lurking In The Gloom
    The man who pretended to be a historical researcher was really a member of a secret agency. He is back in Kimujuku once again, desperate to find the missing car filled with gold and platinum. He is the mastermind who sent the Shirogane brothers to this town to find the treasure, but they are obviously not doing their job. He strongly suspects Tanokura is behind all the mystery.moreless
  • Red Dreams, White Memories
    A tension surrounds the whole town as the police finally start cracking down on the disputes between Tanokura and Ginzame. However, they mainly arrest the Ginzame gang and it's obviously unfair. Samekichi, the Ginzame boss, is outraged but he knows there's nothing an outsider can do other than wait for the storm to pass.moreless
  • The 15-Year Truth
    The 15-Year Truth
    Episode 9
    This murder takes place immediately following the suicide of a wealthy investor who recently lost everything to a vicious loan shark. And this time, the murder victim is the loan shark himself. Detective Saeki intially suspects George, who discovered the body, but he eventually finds out the loan shark had threatened numerous people, causing many unfortunate bankruptcies.moreless
  • The Casino Train
    The Casino Train
    Episode 8
    George is asked to accompany the Ginzame gang to their casino-train extravaganza. Gambling is illegal in Japan, but they figure the police can't bust them if they gamble on a moving train. Not only does this event allow the guests to gamble at ease, it provides a good meeting place for the underground bunch to get to know each other. But a man who lost this very train to Ginzame at the previously-held event is also present and he's determined not to leave empty-handed.moreless
  • Legend Of The Demon
    A professor from Yokyo pays a visit to Kimujuku with his assistant to search for a hidden treasure. His interest in this town seems to be purely academic. However, his "assistant" doesn't think so. Just as George begins to suspect there's something fishy about the duo, the professor himself comes to George seeking refuge.moreless
  • The Gate Wouldn't Rise
    Tanokura's conversation with a self-proclaimed historical researcher continues. He claims that a car filled with platinum and gold bars disappeared 15 years ago somewhere in Kimujuku, and this whole mysterious incident is linked to an old political bribery scandal that sent the Japanese media into a frenzy around the same time.moreless
  • The Pursuit
    The Pursuit
    Episode 5
    Suspecting that the lady killed was somehow related to the incident 15 years ago, George visits the victim's family and friends to find a clue. He then unexpectedly hears an interesting story from the victim's neighbors about someone he knows in Kimujuku. Back in Kimujuku, the former Tanokura driver, who rolled over to Ginzame after Tanokura fired him, is captured by Tanokura and his gang, beaten up and threatened to turn himself in to the police.moreless
  • Beauty And The Poison
    Both leaders of the two factions are shocked to hear that George has taken up residence at the Araki Inn, a hotel owned by a beautiful woman who has a friendly relationship with both of them. She is providing a free room in exchange for his bodyguard service. While George keeps on searching for a clue to a 15-year-old mystery, a woman is mysteriously killed near the town.moreless
  • The Bodyguard
    The Bodyguard
    Episode 3
    George takes Fukajiro up on his offer to work for Ginzame, but Fukajiro's boss Samekichi looks on George with suspicion. When a mysterious drive-by shooter targets Samekichi and evidence suggests that Tanokura and his group were behind it, open warfare is on the verge of breaking out between the rival factions.moreless
  • Snake Swamp
    Snake Swamp
    Episode 2
    After meeting the city councilman, the boss of one of the factions in Kimujuku, and accepting his offer to be his daughter's bodyguard, George has the opportunity to meet the #2 man of the other faction who also offers him a job. It seems that everyone in this town wants to hire him. Well, almost everyone because someone tries to shoot him with a shotgun without a warning.moreless
  • Gone With The Dust
    Gone With The Dust
    Episode 1
    George Kodama is in a small town called Kimujuku to investigate an incident that happened 15 years ago. But typical of any small town, people here don't seem to be thrilled of having an outsider snooping around their neighborhood. He quickly finds out that the town is split in half by two competing factions. Meanwhile, he meets a cute girl and finds a restaurant that serves his favorite noodles.moreless