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Keen Eddie

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Keen Eddie is an hour-long “dramedy“. Eddie Arlette (Mark Valley), a New York City police detective, is sent to London on the trail of criminals that escaped from a failed drug bust. A tip leads the police to believe that the criminals went to England. Complicating matters, Eddie's girlfriend dumps him right before he leaves, and he is responsible for a dog, which he takes with him to London. While "temporarily" in London, Eddie is teamed up with Monty Pipin (Julian Rhind-Tutt), and reports to Superintendent Nathanial Jonhnson (Colin Salmon). Eddie rents a flat in London, and is surprised to find a young woman living in it (Fiona Bickerton, played by Sienna Miller). They come to an arrangement, and the young woman that is supposed to be off at college, and the temporary police officer from NYC will share the apartment.
Julian Rhind-Tutt

Julian Rhind-Tutt

Monty Pippin

Colin Salmon

Colin Salmon

Superintendent Nathanial Jonhnson

Alexei Sayle

Alexei Sayle

Rudy Alexander (not in opening, eps 1 - 2)

Mark Valley

Mark Valley

Eddie Arlette

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Fiona Bickerton

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  • What a terrific romp!

    I admit I bought the DVD set to catch up on Mark Valley's past exploits, and I didn't expect much from a series that didn't last long; especially not with Sienna Miller in it. But I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was laugh-out-loud and occasionally bust-a-gut laughingly surprised! EVEN Sienna Miller impressed me.

    I found the writing with respect to the lives of the characters themselves to be very witty, and yet the cases were quite credible in the sense of a good crime drama ("Achtung Baby" and "Eddie Loves Baseball" particularly). I loved all the characters; quirks and all, and Pete was a particular favourite!

    It took no time to establish the story line and the characters within it, and all of them hit a cord. The parts were well written, the actors chosen for the parts were exceptional choices, the story lines were interesting and yet fun...Those usually the keys to a show hitting, but somehow this gem went the way of other non-conformists vis a vis today's steady diet of doctors, lawyers and moronic human behaviour. And Mark Valley, like another personal favourite in Nathan Fillion, can't seem to get an even break with a series despite his outings so far being incredibly well done. Lets hope FOX gives Human Target the chance that this beauty never got...moreless
  • Intelligent, Funny, Sarcastic and Wittiest serial ever. Superb editing. Keen!

    Intelligent, Funny, Sarcastic and Wittiest serial ever.

    Superb editing. Keen! London is an amazing scenario.

    Scotland Yard is so legendary.

    Hope they will give it a chance. Make a movie we will surely love it. Maybe a bit easier to understand for usual people.

    They way it was launched wasn´t really the best campaign. I wonder if it went better in Europe or UK. Let´s ask for a new season! Cheap budget is ok. Bring Eddie back please. If you haven´t seen it I strongly suggest you to do so. You won´t regret it. I´m looking forward to the new projects from the same author: J.H. Wyman.moreless
  • A very funny cop show. US cop goes to work in Brittan and lives with a beautiful girl who hates his dog.

    Keen Eddie has been really unappreciated. The writing was quite good and the characters surprisingly full for a comedy. It was a bit goofy, which may be why the show did not find and audience. I think its a real shame that the show did not get picked up however as it is very original and fun. Quirky shows take time to develop and audience and this is just one of those shows that did not get that time. I highly recommend picking up the dvds and watching the show if you missed it the first time around. I'm sure you will enjoy it.moreless
  • A NY cop screws up a drug bust and is sent to London, England to solve the case. He completes it, but decides to stay and help Scotland Yard.

    Another great show victim to Fox\'s curse. The dialogue was witty and the actors showed what a show this was. Shame it is no longer on air. \"Keen Eddie\" had so many guest stars that were on other movies I passed out! i.e Ade from Snatch made a guest appearance in \"Keeping up Apperances\". These guys couldn\'t tell a good show if it hit them in the face. Really disappointed. Could\'ve seen a show with plenty of potential and they had to axe it wayyyyyyyy before it\'s time. 1 season doens\'t cut it. Look at the other reality junk that\'s on TV. I rest my case!moreless
  • Very pleasant, funny and original show... I just don't understand why it was cancelled. Bring it baaaaaaaaaaaack!

    I found this show very pleasant, funny and original... not only because of the great choice of actors but also in the fun script. It was interesting to see the American/English duo, both such stereotype of their respective nation. Eddie and Fiona are so perfect together it would have been interesting to see their relationship evolve. All the characters have their own particularity and that's what made that show so awesome. I really wish it had lasted longer.moreless

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