Keen Eddie

Season 1 Episode 4

Eddie Loves Baseball

Aired Unknown Jun 24, 2003 on FOX



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    • (Fiona starts crying)
      Fiona: I don't know how to be happy.
      Eddie: Hey, come on.
      Fiona: Eddie, I cannot be happy.
      Eddie: Hey nobodies happy. You kidding me? That's life, that's just the way it is. You know there's good days and bad days and there's really, really good days and really, really bad days. That's really what kinda makes life interesting ya know? ...Do you think I'm happy?
      (Fiona shrugs)
      Eddie: I'm miserable.
      Fiona: You are?
      Eddie: Oh yeah. Completely.
      Fiona: Ha-Ha. That makes me happy.

    • Pippin Bloody hell. My car!
      Eddie: Go home yank.
      Construction Workers: (Laughing) Aye, You look better in the flesh!
      Eddie: I want all your names specially the fat one!

    • Pippin: Bye, Wilson.
      Wilson: Wanker.
      Eddie: Brat
      Wilson: Wanker
      (Pippin mouths the words watch it!)

    • Eddie: You know, I drove in one of these in New York.
      Wilson: You can't afford that. Your just a crumby policeman.
      Eddie: I said, I just rode in one. Ya know, I don't want one of these. I'm happy without one.
      Wilson: Sure you are.
      Eddie: Ya know what Wilson your dad says you're good at math well the time your old enough to drive one of these you'll be what 16 and it's gunna cost ya like what? a million pounds each? What do you think the odds are that you're going to be able to afford one of these? Do that math.

  • Notes

    • Music for this episode includes:

      "Superfinger" by Lowfinger
      "Head to Head" by Fingathing
      "Rattlesnake" by Daniel Ash
      "Hayling" by FC Kahuna (as heard in the last scene of the episode.)

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