Keen Eddie

Season 1 Episode 2

Horse Heir

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 2003 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Eddie: How you doing?
      Carol: Terribly horny.
      (Carol walks away)
      Eddie: Wait a minute. Did you just hear what Money Penny just said to me?
      Pippin: Oh, you mean Carol?
      Eddie: Yeah.
      Pippin: You said, How are you doing? and she said, Terribly well.

    • (horse drops dead)
      Fishy: You killed it. What did you do?
      Charlotte: Nothing, I never laid a finger on it. I lifted up my blouse that's all.
      Fishy: You lifted up your blouse?
      Charlotte: Yeah.
      Fishy: Why?
      Charlotte: He needs to get aroused. I happened to know a smidge on the subject.
      Fishy: It's a horse you dumb cow, not a sailor!

    • Nigel: So he says 'That's the first time I've laughed in months.' (starts laughing ridiculously)
      Eddie: Ha-Ha. Oh that's certainly a fairies tale.
      Fiona: Fairy tale.
      Eddie: Yeah, that's what I said.
      (Nigel walks out).
      Eddie: Ya know what I like best about Nigel? His personality. (laughs ridiculously to mock Nigel)

  • Notes

    • Matches collected in this episode is from the Pub called, The Sticky Wicket.

    • Although outraged, the FCC decided not to fine Fox over this episode.

    • Music:

      "The Brazilian" by Dirty Vegas
      "Float" The Music
      "If I Fall" by Aqualung
      "Spanish Main" by The Coral
      "Closer To You" by Daniel Ash
      "Walking With Thee" by Clinic
      "Take The Long Road and Walk It" by The Music
      "Never Squeal" by Ween
      "Coming Down" by Daniel Ash
      "Waiting For The Heartaches" by The Coral
      "Just the Two of Us" by Bill Withers
      "Wake Up and Make Love with Me" by Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

    • The FCC was outraged, because of this episode. They quoted this piece of dialogue:

      Prostitute: No, that's not natural.
      Fishy:: Extraction for insemination. If you look at the picture on page 45 you'll see how natural it is.
      Prostitute: Forget it!
      other Thug: You're a 40-year old filthy slut that'll do anything.
      Prostitute: With a human!

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    • Theme is "Mastermind" by Daniel Ash (Thanks to Philip Yu for the correction!)

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