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  • What a terrific romp!

    I admit I bought the DVD set to catch up on Mark Valley's past exploits, and I didn't expect much from a series that didn't last long; especially not with Sienna Miller in it. But I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was laugh-out-loud and occasionally bust-a-gut laughingly surprised! EVEN Sienna Miller impressed me.

    I found the writing with respect to the lives of the characters themselves to be very witty, and yet the cases were quite credible in the sense of a good crime drama ("Achtung Baby" and "Eddie Loves Baseball" particularly). I loved all the characters; quirks and all, and Pete was a particular favourite!

    It took no time to establish the story line and the characters within it, and all of them hit a cord. The parts were well written, the actors chosen for the parts were exceptional choices, the story lines were interesting and yet fun...Those usually the keys to a show hitting, but somehow this gem went the way of other non-conformists vis a vis today's steady diet of doctors, lawyers and moronic human behaviour. And Mark Valley, like another personal favourite in Nathan Fillion, can't seem to get an even break with a series despite his outings so far being incredibly well done. Lets hope FOX gives Human Target the chance that this beauty never got...
  • Intelligent, Funny, Sarcastic and Wittiest serial ever. Superb editing. Keen!

    Intelligent, Funny, Sarcastic and Wittiest serial ever.
    Superb editing. Keen! London is an amazing scenario.
    Scotland Yard is so legendary.
    Hope they will give it a chance. Make a movie we will surely love it. Maybe a bit easier to understand for usual people.
    They way it was launched wasn´t really the best campaign. I wonder if it went better in Europe or UK. Let´s ask for a new season! Cheap budget is ok. Bring Eddie back please. If you haven´t seen it I strongly suggest you to do so. You won´t regret it. I´m looking forward to the new projects from the same author: J.H. Wyman.
  • A very funny cop show. US cop goes to work in Brittan and lives with a beautiful girl who hates his dog.

    Keen Eddie has been really unappreciated. The writing was quite good and the characters surprisingly full for a comedy. It was a bit goofy, which may be why the show did not find and audience. I think its a real shame that the show did not get picked up however as it is very original and fun. Quirky shows take time to develop and audience and this is just one of those shows that did not get that time. I highly recommend picking up the dvds and watching the show if you missed it the first time around. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
  • A NY cop screws up a drug bust and is sent to London, England to solve the case. He completes it, but decides to stay and help Scotland Yard.

    Another great show victim to Fox\'s curse. The dialogue was witty and the actors showed what a show this was. Shame it is no longer on air. \"Keen Eddie\" had so many guest stars that were on other movies I passed out! i.e Ade from Snatch made a guest appearance in \"Keeping up Apperances\". These guys couldn\'t tell a good show if it hit them in the face. Really disappointed. Could\'ve seen a show with plenty of potential and they had to axe it wayyyyyyyy before it\'s time. 1 season doens\'t cut it. Look at the other reality junk that\'s on TV. I rest my case!
  • Very pleasant, funny and original show... I just don't understand why it was cancelled. Bring it baaaaaaaaaaaack!

    I found this show very pleasant, funny and original... not only because of the great choice of actors but also in the fun script. It was interesting to see the American/English duo, both such stereotype of their respective nation. Eddie and Fiona are so perfect together it would have been interesting to see their relationship evolve. All the characters have their own particularity and that's what made that show so awesome. I really wish it had lasted longer.
  • Fox never gave it a chance.

    It's been 3 years since this show premiered. Sadly, it wasn't taken seriously. First, it was pre-empted, then went on hiatus, and finally cancelled. Bravo picked it up but only lasted 13 episodes. To start, this show was very original and funny in it's own way. The concept of having an American cop transfered to London's Scotland Yard was surely asking for a clash of egos and comedic situations. Mark Valley's character of Eddie is as American as you can get. The character Pippen, although, may seem to be a British stereotype, nonetheless, compliments Eddie's character as a comedic and dynamic duo.
  • New York cop Eddie Arlette heads the United Kingdom after messing up a cocaine bust in New York. Eddie's unique brand of American detective work is a big hit, so he decides to stay in the UK.

    I really liked this show. I only caught a few episodes when it originally aired. However, I recently rented the DVDs and watched the entire first and only season. It was just as good as I remembered. The characters are engaging and interesting. The cases are amusing. I especially liked the episode with the casino robbers who hid their identities with Duran Duran masks. I liked everyone on the show, which is rare for me. It's too bad it didn't continue. There was a lot of potential and several unanswered questions. It's also kinda depressing to watch a show, get into it, knowing the entire time that the one season is everything ("Firefly"). Just don't expect "NYPD Blue."
  • Really, the Classification is the only thing that should be in this summary, Bring it back! Really, how could it stop so soon? How could they do that to us? It was one of the best TV shows ever. I can't believe it was stopped after only one season.

    This was an amazing show, it really was. I really loved it. I hate that I think I have missed some of it. I feel like I have missed out on alot. I have to get the DVD though. I loved this show so much. As soon as I noticed what I was watching I would do almost anything to make sure I didn't miss it.
    I live in Australia and it came on at about 1am on Saturday night. I was only 13 then and I would make sure that I would see it. It would come on after Joker Poker and then after it would e Do over. They were alright but I only watched them because of Keen Eddie. I really miss this show *tear*, seriously.
    All I have to say now is,
    I'll miss you Keen Eddie, bye.

    Really should be brought back.
    That's my opinion,
  • Do you ask yourself how could Keen Eddie be cancelled?? Me too.

    Keen Eddie, a master piece

    I should accept that at the beginnin I didn't expect so much of this tv serie, but once I started to watch it I couldn't stop. It doesn't matter that there only was 13 episodes, this tv serie is absolutely fabulous. The character of Mark Valley (Eddie Arlette), it's a very funny one, because, he can make you laugh just watching him. And, what about Sienna Miller? She's very hot, and beautiful, the first time I saw her with that strange british accent, I was like, wow, this is the hottest girl a have ever seen!! But, obviously, this isn't the important thing about Keen Eddie.

    Keen Eddie is one of that series which you ask yourself, how did Fox could cancel it? I mean, it's a memorable tv serie, one of the best I've ever seen. But, it isn't rare that this things happen when we are talking about the FOX. One of the greatest tv companies, because they make supershows, the problem is that they don't know it.

    It's sad see how Keen Eddie was on the air just few weeks, but, it's more sad, see how FOX cancel great series, just for create others worst. For a moment, I make everything that was in my hands to make this master piece return to the tv, but, when we are talking about the FOX, it's impossible to make come back a tv serie.

    Concluding: One of the greatest series in the history, and one of the thousand of series that is a victim of the companies' executives.
  • bring back keen eddie, it is the best...

    perfect story, perfect characters, the best show ever. the harmony between characters was absolutely flawless, ambiance was very cool. scenes between mark valley and sienna miller was very entertaining. camera shootings were brilliant and the plot was magnificent. best mixture of comedy and action. i wonder why they cancelled it. it can be watched again and again...
  • never before TV seemed so cleaver and complete, never before felt so good to sit back and forget about everything else for abour an hour, to be entretained and learn a little bit about everything; this show as i see it, its just plained great!

    never before TV seemed so cleaver and complete, never before felt so good to sit back and forget about everything else for abour an hour, to be entretained and learn a little bit about everything, this show as i see it, seems just perfect, not just the looks and the editing, the music and the cast, the writing and the all feeling of been complete, because beyond all that and above all, it has an intention, it has character and is plain great... every single episode means well to those who watch it, teaches to be a littel bit better persons and finds its way to make us feel entertain, i have no idea how you get to acomplish such a task, its terrible that it got cancelled and if theres any reason behind it, must be because its way ahead of its time
  • Witty New York humor placed in a smarmy England setting. Keen Eddie needs to make a comeback because it is the classic example of a great show ignored by its own airing network.

    Keen Eddie was a bloody brilliant combination of acting, writing and music which made the show a must see. Sadly the not so brilliant marketing people at Fox Television decided to not promote the show properly and left it to die an early death on the network and let it join its ever increasing list of great shows axed before they had a chance to be seen.

    Eddie, a New York cop, goes over the Pond to London to join forces with England's best after being embarassed on his home ground. What Eddie finds is a beautiful roommate who guarantees the sexual tension, a sultry office assistant to blows the sexual tension out of the roof, and some fellow British cops on the job with him that round the show into a great force of a cast.

    What really made this show hit its mark was the great use music to emphasize mood. Superb job in this area.

    The series has been released on DVD. However the music is missing and it does alter the show slightly. The producers of the DVD need to go back, get the rights to the music and release it correctly. However the show is still great and you need to watch it when you can.
  • Best mixture of comedy, action, crime and other stuff made in style of "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels".

    "Keen Eddie" episodes just hold you in their hands from start till the last frame. It's a non stop action (thanks to fastened frame rate) even when there's no action at all. I really enjoyed watching it. FOX company should film some more episodes . (Sorry for my bad english)
  • How can you kill Keen Eddie??? Bring the show back!

    This show was fantastic. FOX needs to bring it back. I have the first season on DVD, and loved all the extra episodes they included. WIsh they'd bring it back! Maybe if we get enough people to blog about this they'll bring it back like Family Guy. GO KEEN EDDIE
  • Witty dialog, interesting and likable characters, unique camera/editing work and a plot that properly combines a sarcastic humor with an interesting crime drama--very rare in a 500 channel world of reality shows and half-baked sitcoms with laugh-tracks to

    "Hi, I'm Eddie. How do you like me so far?"

    Reading the synopsis of the show does not do it justice. The premise of is a little strange and to be honest, somewhat difficult to swallow if you haven't seen an episode yet.
    It didn't take long for the premise to evolve into an excellent show (precisely one half of one episode for me).
    The plot is dynamic and "fun", even if you don't like crime-dramadies (there's a small category!), you should give this show a shot if you have a DVD rental account.
    The story-line varies enough from episode to episode keeping at bay that feeling that you need to watch every episode in exact order to enjoy the series. Though the characters grow and evolve well each episode, it's easy to pick up the series in the middle and still enjoy the episode.

    The camera work and editing is nothing short of brilliant. It rivals that of a well done movie. It's rare to see such work put into a dramedy. The transitions are often slick two second-or-so high-speed rewind whiplash reviews of the last scene. They catch you by surprise. The first time I saw it I thought "That was very cool..." It doesn't come off as out of place as it does in some other TV series/movies I have seen similar transitions in. It adds to the mood and gives the feeling of a fast-paced "out-of-place" lifestyle that many of the characters seem to exhibit (What's more out of place than a NY Cop sent to a pseudo-Scotland Yard environment).

    The witty dialog rarely falls flat. Though not laugh-out-loud funny, this show doesn't need a laugh-track to tell you when the punch-line is. It's not out-of-place in the show.

    Keen Eddie is aimed for American consumption. If you're looking for an accurate portrayal of Scotland Yard, or accurate British dialog don't look here. "British English" was used only when it would easily be understood by Americans--such as using the word Adverts instead of Commercials--or when the resulting American word might have caught the eye of the censors ("House of ponce" in episode 4, "Eddie Loves Baseball").

    The soundtrack--which unless you have the original episodes recorded somewhere--is forever lost. In the original format, it was excellently done. The music, though not to my particular tastes, captured the mood of the scenes *perfectly*.

    The DVD was released 7 September 2004 and includes 6 episodes that did not air on FOX. It is a four disc set with four episodes on the first disc and three on the remaining three, rounding it out to 13 total episodes.

    The soundtrack is replaced and very little thought seems to have been put into the replacement songs. While musical taste is relative, often the original tracks don't resemble the mood of the originals and are frankly uninteresting. This is particularly evident in Episode 4, "Eddie Loves Baseball", when "Hayling" by FC Kahuna was replaced with a very odd, uninteresting techno track that failed to capture caginess of the situation. This maneuver detracts from the show and should be considered before purchasing this DVD set.

    DVD Audio:
    Surround Sound is Dolby Digital 5.1, but it's only 5-channels-by-brute-force. Essentially they seem to have slightly enhanced/filtered the original stereo track while piping the soundtrack through all five speakers. It's not much of an enhancement and would have been better left as a stereo track so that my receiver could do its own enhancements.

    DVD Video:
    Full Screen, as is the original show. Too bad...
    Video Encoding is about a 6 out of 10. This is because the studios often try to squeeze too much onto a disc. Though it could have been worse, It's 4 discs, with four episodes on the first disc and three on each additional disc.
    I'm frankly surprised at the lack of MPEG artifacts, even though the video contains frequent high/low motion scene combinations and is recorded at a relatively low bitrate. I've seen far worse pictures at higher bitrates with less complex video, so hats off to whomever fine-tuned their encoding here.
    I'm also pleased that they allowed the series to occupy four discs instead of three.

    My Ratings...
    Show as it aired: 8, possibly 9
    Show as it is on the DVD set: 7 due to audio.
    The DVD workmanship: 2, and only because the video quality was surprisingly good at the relatively low bitrate.

    The fact of the matter is, there really wasn't anything quite like this on television before it, and there hasn't been anything quite like it since... it was a truly excellent and unique show.
  • This show was good and not too many people watched it supposedly. I hate FOX for cancelling everything that's good. I still do love The Simpsons, though. Please bring back Keen Eddie!

    The fast cut-scenes make the show enjoyable and fast paced. There is also a good mixture of comedy, action, and mystery. There is no good reason this show was cancelled and it should be brought back. It also has a great cast of characters. It's not like 'Joey', where all the characters are stupid, there's a mixture of smart, funny, and weird characters that make the episodes go on gradually. I love this show.
  • It is a good show, meakes you think that seven weeks are not enough. I miss Carol...

    When Eddie Arlette leaves New York, he does not think it, but nothing better could happend to him. And it was ok for us too.
    Intelligent, funny, very pleasant... this show has everything. It is the best way to spend one hour stretching out or down the tv.
    Besides, Carol is always there...