Keen Eddie

FOX (ended 2003)


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  • Do you ask yourself how could Keen Eddie be cancelled?? Me too.

    Keen Eddie, a master piece

    I should accept that at the beginnin I didn't expect so much of this tv serie, but once I started to watch it I couldn't stop. It doesn't matter that there only was 13 episodes, this tv serie is absolutely fabulous. The character of Mark Valley (Eddie Arlette), it's a very funny one, because, he can make you laugh just watching him. And, what about Sienna Miller? She's very hot, and beautiful, the first time I saw her with that strange british accent, I was like, wow, this is the hottest girl a have ever seen!! But, obviously, this isn't the important thing about Keen Eddie.

    Keen Eddie is one of that series which you ask yourself, how did Fox could cancel it? I mean, it's a memorable tv serie, one of the best I've ever seen. But, it isn't rare that this things happen when we are talking about the FOX. One of the greatest tv companies, because they make supershows, the problem is that they don't know it.

    It's sad see how Keen Eddie was on the air just few weeks, but, it's more sad, see how FOX cancel great series, just for create others worst. For a moment, I make everything that was in my hands to make this master piece return to the tv, but, when we are talking about the FOX, it's impossible to make come back a tv serie.

    Concluding: One of the greatest series in the history, and one of the thousand of series that is a victim of the companies' executives.