Keen Eddie

FOX (ended 2003)


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  • Really, the Classification is the only thing that should be in this summary, Bring it back! Really, how could it stop so soon? How could they do that to us? It was one of the best TV shows ever. I can't believe it was stopped after only one season.

    This was an amazing show, it really was. I really loved it. I hate that I think I have missed some of it. I feel like I have missed out on alot. I have to get the DVD though. I loved this show so much. As soon as I noticed what I was watching I would do almost anything to make sure I didn't miss it.
    I live in Australia and it came on at about 1am on Saturday night. I was only 13 then and I would make sure that I would see it. It would come on after Joker Poker and then after it would e Do over. They were alright but I only watched them because of Keen Eddie. I really miss this show *tear*, seriously.
    All I have to say now is,
    I'll miss you Keen Eddie, bye.

    Really should be brought back.
    That's my opinion,