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FOX (ended 2003)


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  • New York cop Eddie Arlette heads the United Kingdom after messing up a cocaine bust in New York. Eddie's unique brand of American detective work is a big hit, so he decides to stay in the UK.

    I really liked this show. I only caught a few episodes when it originally aired. However, I recently rented the DVDs and watched the entire first and only season. It was just as good as I remembered. The characters are engaging and interesting. The cases are amusing. I especially liked the episode with the casino robbers who hid their identities with Duran Duran masks. I liked everyone on the show, which is rare for me. It's too bad it didn't continue. There was a lot of potential and several unanswered questions. It's also kinda depressing to watch a show, get into it, knowing the entire time that the one season is everything ("Firefly"). Just don't expect "NYPD Blue."