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FOX (ended 2003)


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  • What a terrific romp!

    I admit I bought the DVD set to catch up on Mark Valley's past exploits, and I didn't expect much from a series that didn't last long; especially not with Sienna Miller in it. But I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was laugh-out-loud and occasionally bust-a-gut laughingly surprised! EVEN Sienna Miller impressed me.

    I found the writing with respect to the lives of the characters themselves to be very witty, and yet the cases were quite credible in the sense of a good crime drama ("Achtung Baby" and "Eddie Loves Baseball" particularly). I loved all the characters; quirks and all, and Pete was a particular favourite!

    It took no time to establish the story line and the characters within it, and all of them hit a cord. The parts were well written, the actors chosen for the parts were exceptional choices, the story lines were interesting and yet fun...Those usually the keys to a show hitting, but somehow this gem went the way of other non-conformists vis a vis today's steady diet of doctors, lawyers and moronic human behaviour. And Mark Valley, like another personal favourite in Nathan Fillion, can't seem to get an even break with a series despite his outings so far being incredibly well done. Lets hope FOX gives Human Target the chance that this beauty never got...
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