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FOX (ended 2003)


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  • Witty New York humor placed in a smarmy England setting. Keen Eddie needs to make a comeback because it is the classic example of a great show ignored by its own airing network.

    Keen Eddie was a bloody brilliant combination of acting, writing and music which made the show a must see. Sadly the not so brilliant marketing people at Fox Television decided to not promote the show properly and left it to die an early death on the network and let it join its ever increasing list of great shows axed before they had a chance to be seen.

    Eddie, a New York cop, goes over the Pond to London to join forces with England's best after being embarassed on his home ground. What Eddie finds is a beautiful roommate who guarantees the sexual tension, a sultry office assistant to blows the sexual tension out of the roof, and some fellow British cops on the job with him that round the show into a great force of a cast.

    What really made this show hit its mark was the great use music to emphasize mood. Superb job in this area.

    The series has been released on DVD. However the music is missing and it does alter the show slightly. The producers of the DVD need to go back, get the rights to the music and release it correctly. However the show is still great and you need to watch it when you can.
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