Keen Eddie

Season 1 Episode 8

Sticky Fingers

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 2004 on FOX



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    • Pippin: You know what I have discovered? I've discovered that not being me -- that is who I am. I am a constantly moving, ever changing, creation.
      Eddie: So, is that latin for 'weak of moral character'?
      Pippin: Yeah. Yeah. Precisely.

    • Monty: Ahh - Look at her. She's fantastic. I would become a communist for her. I just want to be her bath towel.
      Eddie: I thought you had this epiphany that you're shallow, weak and powerless against your sexual urges. That you're on the road to doing something about it, that you're on the road to becoming a better man.
      Monty: Who said that?
      Eddie: You did.
      Monty: Yeah. No, I'm over that now. That's so last Thursday. Today's Monday, yeah? Today I just want to be that black skirt.

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