Keeping Mum

BBC (ended 1998)


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Keeping Mum

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Peggy Beare is getting rather 'dotty' in her old age. Her son Andrew has his hands full looking after her and making sure that she stays out of trouble. Peggy thinks that her other son, Richard is wonderful. He always has plenty to say about his mother's welfare but does as little as possible to help out. =================== Company credits Production Companies * British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) =================== Remake of: "Mother and Son" (1984) A British adaptation of Australian hit sitcom "Mother And Son" featuring the 55-year-old Stephanie Cole once again (as in Waiting For God) playing a much older woman. The BBC's version, adapted by the original writer Geoffrey Atherden, was very similar to its progenitor but failed to click with the British public in the same way that the original had scored with Australian audiences. All the same, the series boasted some notable firsts: it was the first BBC adaptation of an Australian comedy; the UK's (and perhaps the world's) first all-digital, widescreen studio comedy; and the first series in the UK to utilise the same sort of sophisticated sound equipment used on US shows like Cheers The cast were effective but there was no doubt that Keeping Mum lacked spark. It did, however, cause quite a controversy: its premise - a dotty mother unable to cope for herself, forcing her youngest son to stay at home to look after her - was considered in some quarters to be in poor taste. The Alzheimer's Disease Society made an official complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Commission, and other groups and individuals expressed concern over what they considered to be the depiction of senile dementia as a topic of fun. None of these issues stopped the BBC from commissioning a second series but this too failed to make waves and suffered from dismal audience figures. =================== Release dates UK -- 17 April 1997


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