Keeping Up Appearances

Season 4 Episode 1

A Job For Richard

Aired Unknown Sep 05, 1993 on BBC
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A Job For Richard
Hyacinth decides that Richard should return to work. She sets about finding him a suitable executive position. A local firm has a vacancy, so Hyacinth conspires to bring Richard to the attention of the Managing Director.

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  • Hyacinth feels that it's time for Richard to return to work, but only in a senior executive position of course!

    Laughs abound when Hyacinth feels that it's time for Richard to re-join the workforce. When she sees an advertisement in the paper for an executive position with a large local food company, she is determined that Richard will get the job and so, in true Hyacinth style, sets about making certain that he does.

    Her sources tell her that the Managing Director of Frostickles Frozen Foods is a keen golfer and so, she believes that if Richard can show his prowess on the golf course by beating the gentleman in question, he will be bound to offer him the job. Trouble is, Richard hates golf and isn't at all keen. Not that a little problem like that will stop Hyacinth, of course!

    Very funny and Patricia Routledge in particular is hilarious when Hyacinth deals with some thugs on the golf course.moreless
Jeremy Gittins

Jeremy Gittins

The Vicar (Michael)

Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge

Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet")

Josephine Tewson

Josephine Tewson

Elizabeth Hawksworth Warden

David Griffin

David Griffin

Emmet Hawksworth

Judy Cornwell

Judy Cornwell


Geoffrey Hughes

Geoffrey Hughes


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    • Hyacinth: Well, of course I'll know him (Mr. Milburn). I stood very close to him once at the train station.

    • Hyacinth: (to Richard) I wish we could have Daddy at home, but he does so monopolise the bathroom.

    • Richard: How long has your father been a naturist?
      Hyacinth: I think there must be a mistake; Daddy's always been C of E.

    • Hyacinth: (on the phone) Listen, Daisy- tell Onslow to put a shirt on while I'm on the telephone. I can always sense him there, expanding. ...Onslow's in the garden?...Daddy's gone naturist?...Well, I think that's wonderful at his age!...Yes, all that wholesome, healthy food. Plenty of roughage.Hm?...Onslow's trying to get Daddy down from where?...Why would Daddy be up there?...Oh, he's not that kind of naturist; well, what kind of naturist is he?... (her eyes start to blink) A stark naturist?!

    • The phone rings at Liz and Emmet's house.
      Emmet: Come on, answer it!
      Liz: Hello?...Coffee at eleven?...Thank you, Hyacinth. (face falls)

    • Emmet: Remember Liz- you're a woman not to be trifled with! Alright, here we go again. (pretends to dial) Phone's ringing.
      Liz: (pretend answers) Hello?
      Emmet:(as Hyacinth) It's only me, Elizabeth. Coffee at eleven?
      Liz: No thank you, Hyacinth, some other time. (pretends to hang-up, then looks amazed) I did it!
      Emmet: You see? Well done!
      Liz: It's just a matter of getting started, isn't it? Once you've started, it's quite easy, isn't it? And you were very good. You really sounded like Hyacinth.
      Emmet: (very serious face) I must ask you never to repeat that in front of a living soul.

    • Hyacinth: Let me see you, Richard. And remember- first impressions. (rings a china bell)
      Richard: (peeks his head into the kitchen) The trouble is I don't do impressions.

    • Liz: Have you ever tried to say 'no' to Hyacinth?
      Emmet: Liz, she's just a human being. (pause) Just. Look- you're a free spirit. If you don't want to go 'round there for coffee when she asks you- say no!
      Liz: But it doesn't make a difference- she never listens anyway!
      Emmet: Alright, we'll rehearse it. You sit there, practicing steely determination, and I shall pretend to be Hyacinth. (pauses and frowns) Greater love hath no man for his sister than to be Hyacinth!

    • Daisy: It's been a long time since you brought me into the woods, Onslow.
      Onslow: Don't start getting broody.

    • Onslow: Now listen Daisy, when I promised to love, honour, and obey, I didn't mean EVERY Tuesday!

    • Richard(while marching out the door): I'm forceful and executive, I'm forceful and executive!

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