Keeping Up Appearances

Season 1 Episode 5

Daisy's Toyboy

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1990 on BBC
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Daisy's Toyboy
Daisy tries to convince Onslow that she's found herself a seventeen-year-old "toyboy", in an attempt to make him jealous but Onslow doesn't seem to take any notice.

'The Ladies' Circle' are expecting a guest speaker at the church hall but to their dismay, Hyacinth decides to take charge of the arrangements.moreless

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  • Daisy wants Onslow to pay her more attention and decides that a Toyboy is the answer!

    Onslow is true to form in that he is more interested in munching crisps and watching television than he is in paying Daisy any romantic attention. After discussing the matter with Rose, Daisy decides that making Onslow jealous is the best way to go about things. Enter on the scene a 17-year-old biker whom Onslow finds VERYs interesting, because he smokes and Onslow can borrow cigarettes from him!

    Meanwhile, over at the church hall, the members of the Ladies' Circle are in a flap because they are expecting a guest speaker to address them and Hyacinth, as usual, absolutely insists on arranging everything from the food to the seating!

    It's outside the hall though where the real fun is taking place because while the Vicar is leading the outdoor prayers and the assembled members of the congregation are singing a hymn, Daisy, bedecked in leather, black stockings and heels arrives on the back of the motocycle, much to the surprise of Onslow and Richard, while Hyacinth, finding it all too much, falls into a dead faint, and is skillfully caught by Elizabeth!

    Watch it, you'll be glad you did.moreless
Jeremy Gittins

Jeremy Gittins

The Vicar (Michael)

Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge

Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet")

Josephine Tewson

Josephine Tewson

Elizabeth Hawksworth Warden

Judy Cornwell

Judy Cornwell


Geoffrey Hughes

Geoffrey Hughes


Clive Swift

Clive Swift

Richard Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet")

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Jonny Lee Miller plays the Toy Boy - most recently seen as ABC's Eli Stone. Miller was married to Angelina Jolie for 4 years.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Hyacinth: [After talking on the phone with Onslow] Oh, I hate talking to Onslow when he's only wearing a vest.

    • Hyacinth: [Talking about Onslow] I can't imagine why Daisy married him. You play together as children and have all the strange childish fears about monsters - little do you dream that your sister's going to grow up to marry one.

    • Hyacinth: [Phoning Daisy's house] Oh, it's you, Onslow, how are you? [Pauses while he answers] You needn't go into detail. This is merely an inquiry after your general health.

    • Richard: (referring to Daisy showing up at the church on a motorbike with the 17-year-old) Onslow, I don't want to be personal, but… at the church hall just now… wasn't that Daisy?
      Onslow: Daisy?
      Richard: Your wife.
      Onslow: Oh, that Daisy.
      Richard: Didn't you think it was… funny?
      Onslow: I suppose I did, really. I never knew she liked motorbikes.

    • Daisy: Suppose I just have to conclude that Onslow doesn't love me.
      Rose: Maybe underneath he loves you.
      Daisy: Underneath what? He's got practically nothing on.

    • (Onslow's watching TV)
      Daisy: Onslow, I'm trying to tell you, your wife is in love with a 17-year-old!
      Onslow: That's disgusting, that is. Interrupting a bloke's prime time viewing. Anybody we know?
      (Daisy brings in Rose and the 17-year-old)
      Onslow: (looking at the 17-year-old) I thought he belonged to Rose?
      Daisy: He did… but they found they weren't compatible.
      Rose: Oh, he's nice enough. We just weren't compatible.
      Onslow: How old is he?
      Daisy: 17!
      Onslow: Is he old enough to smoke?
      (the 17-year-old takes out a pack and gives a cigarette to Onslow)
      Onslow: Oh, ta.
      17-Year-Old: Keep the pack.
      Onslow: (taking the pack) Oh, cheers! (to Daisy) Do you think you can keep him interested 'til he's old enough to drink?

    • Richard: (after Hyacinth gets a tie on him) I feel a bit overdressed.
      Hyacinth: I will not have you out there gardening with your shirts wide open. Next thing you know, you'll be looking like Onslow.
      Richard: Sometimes you have to admire Onslow's relaxed attitude to life.
      Hyacinth: Onslow's idea of what to do with a garden is to abandon an old car in it.
      Richard: But he enjoys life.
      Hyacinth: Exactly! What kind of irresponsibility is that?

    • Hyacinth: Just a minute, where are you going, Richard?
      Richard: You wanted the roses deadheaded.
      Hyacinth: Aren't we forgetting something?
      Richard: I kissed you good morning. Didn't I kiss you good morning?
      Hyacinth: It's not that, dear. You're not wearing a tie.
      Richard: I-I-I'm gonna deadhead the roses.
      Hyacinth: I will not have you standing out in the street half-dressed. We have a social position to maintain.

  • NOTES (1)