Keeping Up Appearances

Season 5 Episode 3

Hyacinth is Alarmed

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 1995 on BBC

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  • Richard always finds it difficult to find exactly the right wedding anniversary present for Hyacinth, but when he forgets all together, some quick thinking is required!

    There have been several break-ins in the neighbourhood and Hyacinth is concerned that her house may be on the list. Richard isn't too concerned but, then again, he has enough to worry about when he realises that he has forgotten his wedding anniversary! Realising how Hyacinth will react when she finds out, he tells her that her gift is a state-of-the-art burglar alarm for the house and she is delighted, the only snag being that she wants a pink box rather than a blue one and she wants the alarm to sound like the funnels on the QE2!

    It looks like everything will work out for Richard for once until he goes out for the evening and then cannot remember the code for the alarm when he gets home, which just happens to be the date of his and Hyacinth's wedding anniversary!
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