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  • Part Martha Stewart, Part Capt. Queeg

    Keeping Up Appearances is a BritCom with a simple, yet entertaining premise. Patricia Routledge is Hyacinth Bucket (Boo-Kay), a busybody who pretends she part of the British upper crust despite the fact that she's a housewife whose poor but patient husband Richard, played by veteran British actor Clive Swift, is a civil servant, later retired.

    The situations Hyacinth gets into usually makes her lose her "regal standing" thanks in part to some comical mishap that befalls her. In addition to her shortcomings, she's also managed to distance herself from her less than refined relations, her sisters Rose (the "loose woman"), Daisy (not so well-off) & the rarely seen but talked about over the phone Violet whose equally rarely seen husband Bruce is of questionable moral standing. But she stays in touch with Rose, Daisy and to a lesser extent, Daisy's unemployed hubby Onslow just to keep tabs on Hyacinth & her sister's senile father.

    Other characters who are in the sphere of Hyacinth's "influence" are her only friend, Elisabeth, her divorced brother Emmett & of course the local vicar & his flustered wife.

    The reason this show's comic moments work so well is because they literally make sport of Hyacinth's attempts in emulating "the good life", but always ending in disaster, much to Hyacinth's chagrin. I saw this show on Chicago Public TV & found it to poke fun without being mean about how British people are supposed to act in society.

    One question remains though: Who in their right mind would name their only child Sheridan?
  • Hyacinth Bucket...that's Bou-Quet!

    Why-oh-why do they do in all the greats? This show had an appeal to young and elderly, poor and upper-class! Hyacinth was simply hilarious in her attempts to portray herself and her means as better than what they were. Her long-suffering husband, Richard, was of course to be pitied. Seeing his reactions to her extreme means to elevate her social standing was what really added the hilarity. Then, there was her white-trash extended family from which she tried desperately to disassociate herself, and who showed up at the most inopportune times and venues!

    Simply delightful comedy.
  • Very good!

    Keeping Up Appearances has got to be one of my favourite shows EVER!

    I remember watching it years ago when it was first on BBC1, and thinking it was SOOO funny! Now it's back on UK Gold, and I can't help but watch it every time it's on.

    Patrcia Routledge as Hyacinth is fantastic! The casting and acting are perfect. OK, as some people have pointed out, there are so many running jokes - but that is what is all part of what makes this show great!

    Hyacinth's candlelight suppers, her answering the phone "the Bucket residence, the lady of the house speaking!", Elizabth constantly spilling her coffee, always trying to resist her daily order from Hyacinth for morning coffee, Emmett and "she'll sing at me", Onslow "Oh Nice", Vilot - "It's MA Sister Violet, "Daddy!", the vicar, Rose and Mr. whoever, and throughout all this poor old Richard, lol.

    And one of the best and most famous Hyacinth lines - "Sauna, Swimming Pool and room for a pony!!!!"

    It is a true proper British comedy, and is up there with the likes of that other great 90's BBC sitcom - One Foot in the Grave. And also the likes of To The Manor Born, The Good Life, and Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

    Everybody you talk to always raises a smile when you mention "the Bucket woman"! Only the other day I watched an episode when Hyacinth wanted to test drive a new Rolls Royce so she could get one-up on another one of her posh local rivals - Lydia Hawsworth, whom had just overtaken them in her brand new Jag.

    She made Richard drive it out of the garage without the salesman's permission, and take it to this posh hotel deliberately, as she knew this was where this woman had afternoon tea. Of course Rose, Daisy and Onslow turn up as usual, so they have to get out of there before she bumps into them - how embarrassing! lol. When they get into her "getaway car" as she callas it to Richard, the police turn up and arrest them outside the hotel! And then just at that point who turns up but Lydia Hawksworth!

    This is just an example of how great this show is!

    Quite frankly, I really don't understand how anybody could NOT like it! If they don't, then I actually feel slightly sorry for them - as they are missing out on so much enjoyment!

    Oh...and contrary to what somebody has said - in my opinion it is just about the closest thing to perfection that a sitcom can get!
  • Its a British show that you will like almost as much as Benny Hill

    I liked this show. Why? All that you need to do is watch a few episodes and you will see where all the laughter and true comedy really is.
  • The type of commedy this show introduces is one I've never seen before, but it's an effective one.

    A while back my grandmother told my Dad and me about this program so we're like ok, we'll check it out. At the time Directv did not have local channels so what had to go watch it out in my grandfathers van on a 10 inch or so screen. We rarely stopped laughing that night, and we very frequently would pull the van out to watch Keeping Up Appearences. Although we do have ocal channels on DirecTv now, we still pull the van out if it's at our house to watch it, it's sort of a tradition. Like I said in the summary, I've never seen thi type of comedy before but it's great. The way Hyacinth wats her last name "Bucket" to be pronounced "Bouquet" is funny no matter how many times it comes up. Not neccesarily my favorite show, but its a great one none the less.
  • As much as I love this show and the characters, it suffers from 'Every Episode is Exactly the Same!' disorder.

    Keeping Up Appearances is a lot of fun and it is very funny and as much as I love this show and the characters, it suffers from 'Every Episode is Exactly the Same!' disorder. The jokes are pretty much the same in every episode and while this is enjoyable in small doses, watching multiple episodes back-to-back exposes cracks in the show.

    Oh well it is still great!

  • The name of Bucket will live forever!

    Keeping up appearances was just about the last of the classic British sitcom. Hyacynth was of course embraced by viewers across the world, and almost resulting in an Americanised version - Thank god that never happened!

    Hyacynth helped create our sterotype of the nagging social-climbing middle-aged housewife, as well as the subserviant suffering husband. Put simple she became a household name.

    KUP did have a habit of being repetitive, but it also had this habit of always being funny! The stunts and often hard to time right scenes - for a group of oldies on a budget of a British TV sitcom, was always well recieved, Highlights being:

    1) Hyacynth in a Fun House
    2) Hyacynth being taken for a run...By a dog
    3) Hyacynth and Richard on a boat and falling out
    4) Hyacynth catching the flying Royal Doulton
    5) The Mad-dash on the QE2

    Keeping up Appearances is a fun and original show - Yes it does use tried and tested comedy techniques - But British Sitcoms dont run as long as this one did (By the way, it only ended because the actors wanted out) if their not popular.
  • The Bucket Residence, lady of the house speaking...

    I was thinking of writing a review for the episode that I have just watched, 'The Hostess', but I figured that I would only end up commenting on how much I loved the show, I figured it would be better to review the show as a whole.

    Now, as a child I used to love Keeping Up Appearances; the careful slapstick and funny faces executed by Patricia Routledge fuelled my love for this very nineties sitcom. Now that I'm in my late teens, I can appriciate it it for so much more.

    The representation of British snobbery is so highly mocked, and I love how every American (and possibly other nationality) believe that this is how Britain behaves. In reality, it's possibly more like Daisy and Onslow than Hyacinth and Richard.

    The show does look a little dated these days, with Hyacinth's floral dresses, the old Rover car and the astonishment of Hyacinth when she receives a brand new mobile telephone. But it definitely doesn't make it any less funny. Although the show is very formulaic, there is enough change from episode to episode to make the same joke hilarious.

    As I watched the first series, I began to notice a pattern as many watchers will have spotted. Hyacinth acts like a snob, Elizabeth has coffee, Daddy runs away, cue some sort of rescue mission. But by the end of the series five, the storylines are much more complex, and even dare for 'off set excursions' such as a trip to the funfair with a travel sick parishoner. Even as early on as the third series, the storylines become less about forcing Hyacinth's snobbery onto the audience and more onto the relationships between the couples, as well as Rose and her ever increasing little black book.

    Overall, the show will remain one of my all time favourite comedies that has come out of Blighty. It's clever way of using the same lines over and over, yet still remaining hilarious ("It's ma sister Violet, the one with the Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony..") is possibly the best part of the show, not forgetting, of course, the wonderful Patricia Routledge who pulls off the role of Hyacinth Bucket with such class, it almost makes me believe that her character in real life is just as stuck up as her on-screen counterpart.

  • Patricia Routledge at her best ...

    Don't ya just wanna smack her one really hard sometimes? That's what I hear from many other fans of this wonderful Britcom.

    The cast is strong, and hilarious. Storylines are original and don't get old - what else could you ask for?

    I dare to say that Patricia is one of the best female comedians I ever saw. She is definitely a cure for bad mood after stressful day.

    Above all I think some will find this show annoying, but if they give it time they'll eventually become hooked.
  • Hilarious! And absolutely perfect. Good job Hyacinth!

    Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) is a woman dedicated to showing everyone proper etiquette and pretends to be from the upper class. She constantly tells everyone what to do and how they should act including her husband, Richard. Her next-door-neighbour tries her hardest to avoid Hyacinth but to no avail as Hyacinth seems to know everything no matter how hard you try to keep information from her. Her two sisters and Onslow, the husband of one sister, end up meeting her at some point which constantly unnerves Hyacinth as she does not want to be seen in that company. The show is filled with great moments, from Hyacinth pointing out things to Richard while he's driving (watch out for the car in the parking lot, dear) and an upperclass woman going in to a bar with Onslow and Hyacinth's sisters, you will never have a boring moment. This show deserves a rating far beyond what it has now.
  • Oh .. Bucket!

    The best Brittish TV show ever.

    I still remember how I used to watch this together with my parents. It was just too good. A delightful brittish humor.

    The cast was fortunately and excuisitly perfect. From Patricia's Routledge(Hyacinth) great appearance to Geoffrey Hughes')(Onslow) hilarious portrayal. It's simply magnificient. There are practicly no words.

    Too bad it ended. Bring it back!
  • Hyacinth Bucket(pronounced"bouquet")continually looks for opportunities to climb the socialladder,though she's wedged on a rung just below her sister Violet(whose house has a pool,sauna,and room for a pony)and just above her working class sisters Daisy an

    I watch this program on PBS all the time!! It is so funny!!! Many times it is much funnier than other American sitcoms on the networks. What makes it so funny is Hyacinth's character; she is both believeable and UNbelievable at the same time!! I recommend this show to everyone who wants a laugh!

  • "The Bucket residences lady of the house speaking."

    The person that came up with the character if Hyacinth Bucket (that's 'bouquet') was a true genius.

    Watching her antics every episode just cracks me up time and time again!

    It funny to watch a middle class woman pretend to be living a high-class life. I love watching her 'brag' to all of her 'friends' about what's she's going and who she's doing it with. I just feel sorry for her husband Richard.

    Then there's Onslow! He's wonderful too, sleeping in late only to be woken up by his wife Daisy mentioning that they are out of beer. Daisy wants to be passionate with Onslow, but all he wants to do all day is sit in front of the TV eating crispa and drinking his beer.

    A great British show. Glad is made it to America!
  • One word describes this show, CLASSIC

    Keeping up Appearances is one of those British comedies most people would pass up based on the description. However, passing this classic show up would be a mistake. Keeping Up Appearances is one of the funniest shows I have ever come across and is by far funnier most of the sitcoms in this country.

    I have been around many people like Hyacinth in my life and sometimes I watch this show and actually think I am listening to them.

    Hyacinth, her sisters Daisy, Rose, and Violet are like any family out there as each daughter has taken a different path in life and has their own unique set of problems which will make you laugh and feel for them.
  • A fantastic programme you can watch over and over again.

    This has to be one of the funniest series ever made on British Television. With its memorable characters and memorable phrases it is a series you can watch and then forget about. The famous Hyacinth Bucket is a fantastic hilarious character that the whole village is afraid to go anywhere near. Her husband Richard is a down to earth man who everyone feels sorry for because he lives with Hyacinth. Hyacinth's neighbors try to stay in doors so she does not start singing at them or invite them for candle light supper. This is a memorable series that will remain in television history for a long time.
  • "The name is Bouquet... B-U-C-K-E-T"

    I can easily say that this is one of the funniest sitcoms ever (in my opinion, anyway)! And since this is a British sitcom, I'm lucky that I've even heard of it.

    Patricia Routledge does an excellent job playing Hyacinth Bucket, a woman who believes that she belongs in the upper class, and annoys/terrifies the people she's trying to convince. She insists that her last name is pronounced "Bouquet" because she thinks it sounds more proper and sophisticated than "Bucket". Almost everyone she comes in contact with is terrified of her and her singing. She is hilarious and definitely brings a lot of the humor to the show.

    Clive Swift does a very good job at playing Hyacinth's husband, Richard Bucket (or as Hyacinth insists, “Bouquet”). He has learned to tolerate her annoying ways and feels sorry for those who have to deal with Hyacinth. And, like many of the people on the show, I feel sorry for him 'cause he's married to Hyacinth.

    I don't know why, but I've never cared much for Hyacinth’s sister, Violet (Anna Dawson) or Violet’s husband, Bruce (John Evitts). Although it is kinda funny to hear Hyacinth constantly brag to the people she’s trying to impress about the house that Violet lives in and all the expensive stuff she has.

    I really like Hyacinth’s sister, Daisy (Judy Cornwell). She's really cute, funny, and cheerful about a lot of things. I also like Daisy’s husband, Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes). It’s hilarious when Hyacinth is with people she’s trying to impress and Daisy and Onslow show up and Hyacinth all of a sudden tries to hide, so that no one will know that she’s related to them.

    I think my favorite character on this show is Hyacinth’s youngest sister, Rose. And although Shirley Stelfox did an okay job at playing Rose in the first season, I prefer her being played by Mary Millar, who played Rose from the second season ‘til the end of the show. It’s hilarious how Hyacinth also doesn't like to be seen with her, because Rose looks and acts like a hooker. She has a different boyfriend every week, practically (sometimes several at the same time).

    I also never really cared much for Hyacinth, Violet, Daisy, and Rose’s father. I think that there are way too many stories of him getting away and following some girl(s), or just being missing and turning up in some strange place.

    I really like Hyacinth’s next-door neighbor Elizabeth (Josephine Tewson). She is so nervous and jumpy around Hyacinth, that she’s constantly spilling coffee and/or breaking expensive cups (both are by accident) at Hyacinth’s house. I always feel sorry for her when that happens, but she has an interesting personality. And it’s amazing how she can stand to live next-door to Hyacinth.

    And Elizabeth’s brother, Emmet (David Griffin), is all right but not a favorite character of mine. Although it is hilarious to see him trying to leave for work without Hyacinth seeing him, but ends up being seen and sung at by Hyacinth.
  • I think Keeping up appearances is a fantastic show!!!!!!!!!

    I was born in 1992 so keeping up appearances was still being made then but the first time I remember watching it was last year when I was 12 . I thought it was absolutely superb and it was absolutely hilairious and I couldn't stop rolling over the first time I watched it.
  • keeping up Appearances

    I love this show but PBS took it off my tv listing. I loved watching it on TV . This is a great show and PBS should put it back on for the TV Viewers
  • I am wondering if the 1990s produced any sitcom from any part of the world which was better than this British classic and I'm thinking that the answer is a definite 'no' because this would take some beating!

    Hyacinth and Richard Bucket are anything but ordinary, or at least according to Hyacinth they are not ordinary and I would say I have to agree with her as there is definitely NOTHING ordinary about a show which I consider to be one of the best comedies ever made.

    For five years we were fortunate enough to share the lives of not only Hyacinth and Richard, but their neighbours, Elizabeth and Emmett and also Hyacinth's dysfunctional family; sisters Rose, Daisy and Violet and brothers-in-law Onslow and Bruce. Of course, there was also the poor, terrified vicar and his wife, the womanising Major and Mrs. Barker-Finch from number 23 who vexed Hyacinth greatly. You see, Hyacinth's only goal in life was to keep up with and then surpass the Jonses (and anybody else whom she considered was trying to outdo her in any way.) Only the best furniture, the best china, the best clothes, the best holidays and the best car would do.

    Unfortunately for friends, neighbours and relatives, Hyacinth's desire to have and be the best always seemed to somehow include all of them as well! To say that, for the most part, they were less than pleased would be quite the understatement!

    Hilarious from start to finish. A brilliant ensemble cast headed by Patricia Routledge and Clive Swift. Every post was most definitely a winner. If you haven't seen this show, you don't know what you're missing!
  • Perfectly funny because of controll freak Hyacynth(sp?).

    This British Comedy is one of my favourites because of the annoying character Hyacynth(main char.) She is a controll freak who is very inclined to be on a high social status and has to succeed more than everyone else. She boasts of her candle light dinners, her son(who is gay people she knows and how she loves the artistic community. The show is funnier every episode.her neighbor Elizabeth is very nervous in hyacynths house when she is over for coffee but nowhere else. Her divorced brother Emmett is always being hounded by Hyacynth because she wants a part in his theatrical play. Hyacynth thinks that the only person in her family worth knowing is her sister Violet and Violets husband Bruce.The show should be played forever in my opinion.
  • Want a show that will keep you laughing time and time again? this is it.

    one of the best comedy shows ever, Keeping Up Appearances is one of those shows that will keep you laughing out loud every time you watch it. the show revolves around an englishwoman named Hyacinth Bucket, or as she prefers it to be pronounced, Bouquet, who specializes in trying to be a class above everybody else in the most hilarious fashion, her polar-opposite husband, who meekly obeys her every command,her nieghbours, her sister, who take care of their senile father, who himself has his share of crazy antics, and many other people in which she comes in contact with. In fact, this review doesn't do the show its justice. Go watch it yourself to see!
  • hilarious antics of a english woman

    Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) is a fairly well to do lady who desires to be at the top of the social ladder and so invites friends, influential people and her neighbours Elizabeth and Emmet over for candlelight/lit suppers. She never stops in her efforts, and often refers to her sister Violets house, mercedes and room for a pony. Mind you, all these efforts invariably end in social disaster. Her husband Richard, who is thought of in a pitying way by others who admire his ability to cope with his wifes singing and insistence on following the right socal protocol, works for the council but often has to stop working for one of his wifes problems when it arises. Hyacinth's sister lives in a squalid low class house with her father, an insane war veteran, and her husband Onslow, who is slothful and decadent and could best be described as a couch potato if it werent for the fact he often sits in bed. Eating crisps and watching the telly he is however intelligent and rational. Rose who lives there also is a woman with habits Hyacinth dissaproves of strongly and Onslows tattoos are no help. All this usually leads to much chaos and social upheaval to the amusement of viewers. A funny show.
  • I loved this show.

    I loved this show for only one reason, my Mother. She loved this show. I remember being a little girl and it would come on Saturday and Sunday nights on PBS. She would let me stay up and watch it with her just so we could spend time together. I cherish those memories now since she has passed. I still remember almost every episode and what happend. Personally I wouldnt watch anything like this. But everytime I see it on TV I have to stop and watch and remember her. Not a day goes by that I dont think about her and watch this just reminds me how much she enjoyed it. I wish she was still here to watch reruns with me.
  • I love this show!! My roommate at college got me to watch this show and now I have to watch it everyday! I hope that MPT (Maryland Public Television) will keep it on. This show is great and everyone should watch it!

    I love this show!! My roommate at college got me to watch this show and now I have to watch it everyday! I hope that MPT (Maryland Public Television) will keep it on. The show tells the story of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "bouquet")and how she is trying to move up the social ladder. She is constantly telling everyone how expensive everything she owns is and she does everything to her ability so people don't find out about her family. Her sisters, Violet and Rose, live in poverty in another part of town. Rose is kind of, well, a slut. It is very funny to watch as Hyacinth goes day to day trying to climb the ladder of society. This show is great and everyone should watch it!
  • Delightful British commedy

    Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet") is the local social climber, and a terror to all who know her -- she views herself as the doyenne of good taste, artistry, morals, decorum, and class, and her perpetually in-debt son Sheridan as being the next Einstein.

    She kisses up to the wealthy and aristocratic, and anyone who is closely associated with them, unaware of how much her self-promotion scares them. Her weary husband Richard (Clive Swift) and nervy neighbor Elizabeth (Josephine Tewson) dread whatever she has next.

    She adores her sister Violet, who married a wealthy transvestite and has "a swimming pool, Mercedes, and room for a pony." But she'll do anything to hide her impoverished family members: her wacked-out father, sloppy romantic Daisy (Judy Cornwell) and skanky Rose (Mary Millar), who has a new boyfriend for every episode. Not to mention Daisy's couch potato hubby Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes).
  • Keeping Up Appearances

    This is a great BBC classic. Made in the early 1990's like one of the other great one One Foot In The Grave. This comedy focuses on a middle aged women who pretends to be something she isn't like one of those posh people by doing things like la yout the table and seat people in certain places and a dislike in her sister and her slobbish husband Onslow.
  • It's not Hetty, it's Hyacinth!

    Hyacinth was a snob with no pedigree whatsoever, her own social gaffes & trashy siblings were proof of this. The fun part of this show was seeing her court those she considered acceptable(Emmet & Mrs Nugent)and phone calls from sister Violet"the one with a Mercedes & room for a pony" & son Sheridan"you need how much dear?". Creator Roy Clarke was spot on when he said everyone has known or met someone like Hyacinth, I know I have. Most of them are my aunts.
  • Keeping Up Appearances

    This show is yet another BBC classic comedy of the 90's. It is really funny. This show started up about the same time as One Foot In The Grave which is another brilliant classic. I wonder why BBC don't make comedys like these anymore. This show will always be a classic.
  • I loved Keeping Up Appearances. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Rose played by Mary Millar because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    Keeping Up Appearances was one of the best and most popular British sitcoms, or 'Britcoms,' of all time. Patricia Routledge played Hyacinth Bucket, a woman who pretended to be upper-class but wasn't. To side herself with Britain's top ten percent, Hyacinth insisted her surname be pronounced "bouquet." Her attention to cleanliness, candlelight suppers, and desire to sing gave pain to.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Hyacinth, Elizabeth, Emmet, Onslow, Daisy and Rose.

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • Hyacinth mean Bouquette is the true spirit of the British upper classes, or well she like to think she is.

    Living in the Suburban delights of southern England (the wealthier part of the Island), Mrs. Bouquette has brought fear to all who meet her and bemusemnet from all who watch her.

    Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my favourite situation comedy, it shows the classic class differances that once existed in Britain and now only exist in the minds of a few.

    The comedy was cleverly written from the very beginning and even when it abrubtly finished, it was dearly missed by the millions that watched and loved to hate the dear Mrs.Bucket.
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