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  • "The name is Bouquet... B-U-C-K-E-T"

    I can easily say that this is one of the funniest sitcoms ever (in my opinion, anyway)! And since this is a British sitcom, I'm lucky that I've even heard of it.

    Patricia Routledge does an excellent job playing Hyacinth Bucket, a woman who believes that she belongs in the upper class, and annoys/terrifies the people she's trying to convince. She insists that her last name is pronounced "Bouquet" because she thinks it sounds more proper and sophisticated than "Bucket". Almost everyone she comes in contact with is terrified of her and her singing. She is hilarious and definitely brings a lot of the humor to the show.

    Clive Swift does a very good job at playing Hyacinth's husband, Richard Bucket (or as Hyacinth insists, “Bouquet”). He has learned to tolerate her annoying ways and feels sorry for those who have to deal with Hyacinth. And, like many of the people on the show, I feel sorry for him 'cause he's married to Hyacinth.

    I don't know why, but I've never cared much for Hyacinth’s sister, Violet (Anna Dawson) or Violet’s husband, Bruce (John Evitts). Although it is kinda funny to hear Hyacinth constantly brag to the people she’s trying to impress about the house that Violet lives in and all the expensive stuff she has.

    I really like Hyacinth’s sister, Daisy (Judy Cornwell). She's really cute, funny, and cheerful about a lot of things. I also like Daisy’s husband, Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes). It’s hilarious when Hyacinth is with people she’s trying to impress and Daisy and Onslow show up and Hyacinth all of a sudden tries to hide, so that no one will know that she’s related to them.

    I think my favorite character on this show is Hyacinth’s youngest sister, Rose. And although Shirley Stelfox did an okay job at playing Rose in the first season, I prefer her being played by Mary Millar, who played Rose from the second season ‘til the end of the show. It’s hilarious how Hyacinth also doesn't like to be seen with her, because Rose looks and acts like a hooker. She has a different boyfriend every week, practically (sometimes several at the same time).

    I also never really cared much for Hyacinth, Violet, Daisy, and Rose’s father. I think that there are way too many stories of him getting away and following some girl(s), or just being missing and turning up in some strange place.

    I really like Hyacinth’s next-door neighbor Elizabeth (Josephine Tewson). She is so nervous and jumpy around Hyacinth, that she’s constantly spilling coffee and/or breaking expensive cups (both are by accident) at Hyacinth’s house. I always feel sorry for her when that happens, but she has an interesting personality. And it’s amazing how she can stand to live next-door to Hyacinth.

    And Elizabeth’s brother, Emmet (David Griffin), is all right but not a favorite character of mine. Although it is hilarious to see him trying to leave for work without Hyacinth seeing him, but ends up being seen and sung at by Hyacinth.
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