Keeping Up Appearances

BBC (ended 1995)





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  • The type of commedy this show introduces is one I've never seen before, but it's an effective one.

    A while back my grandmother told my Dad and me about this program so we're like ok, we'll check it out. At the time Directv did not have local channels so what had to go watch it out in my grandfathers van on a 10 inch or so screen. We rarely stopped laughing that night, and we very frequently would pull the van out to watch Keeping Up Appearences. Although we do have ocal channels on DirecTv now, we still pull the van out if it's at our house to watch it, it's sort of a tradition. Like I said in the summary, I've never seen thi type of comedy before but it's great. The way Hyacinth wats her last name "Bucket" to be pronounced "Bouquet" is funny no matter how many times it comes up. Not neccesarily my favorite show, but its a great one none the less.