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  • The Bucket Residence, lady of the house speaking...

    I was thinking of writing a review for the episode that I have just watched, 'The Hostess', but I figured that I would only end up commenting on how much I loved the show, I figured it would be better to review the show as a whole.

    Now, as a child I used to love Keeping Up Appearances; the careful slapstick and funny faces executed by Patricia Routledge fuelled my love for this very nineties sitcom. Now that I'm in my late teens, I can appriciate it it for so much more.

    The representation of British snobbery is so highly mocked, and I love how every American (and possibly other nationality) believe that this is how Britain behaves. In reality, it's possibly more like Daisy and Onslow than Hyacinth and Richard.

    The show does look a little dated these days, with Hyacinth's floral dresses, the old Rover car and the astonishment of Hyacinth when she receives a brand new mobile telephone. But it definitely doesn't make it any less funny. Although the show is very formulaic, there is enough change from episode to episode to make the same joke hilarious.

    As I watched the first series, I began to notice a pattern as many watchers will have spotted. Hyacinth acts like a snob, Elizabeth has coffee, Daddy runs away, cue some sort of rescue mission. But by the end of the series five, the storylines are much more complex, and even dare for 'off set excursions' such as a trip to the funfair with a travel sick parishoner. Even as early on as the third series, the storylines become less about forcing Hyacinth's snobbery onto the audience and more onto the relationships between the couples, as well as Rose and her ever increasing little black book.

    Overall, the show will remain one of my all time favourite comedies that has come out of Blighty. It's clever way of using the same lines over and over, yet still remaining hilarious ("It's ma sister Violet, the one with the Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony..") is possibly the best part of the show, not forgetting, of course, the wonderful Patricia Routledge who pulls off the role of Hyacinth Bucket with such class, it almost makes me believe that her character in real life is just as stuck up as her on-screen counterpart.

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