Keeping Up Appearances

BBC (ended 1995)





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  • hilarious antics of a english woman

    Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) is a fairly well to do lady who desires to be at the top of the social ladder and so invites friends, influential people and her neighbours Elizabeth and Emmet over for candlelight/lit suppers. She never stops in her efforts, and often refers to her sister Violets house, mercedes and room for a pony. Mind you, all these efforts invariably end in social disaster. Her husband Richard, who is thought of in a pitying way by others who admire his ability to cope with his wifes singing and insistence on following the right socal protocol, works for the council but often has to stop working for one of his wifes problems when it arises. Hyacinth's sister lives in a squalid low class house with her father, an insane war veteran, and her husband Onslow, who is slothful and decadent and could best be described as a couch potato if it werent for the fact he often sits in bed. Eating crisps and watching the telly he is however intelligent and rational. Rose who lives there also is a woman with habits Hyacinth dissaproves of strongly and Onslows tattoos are no help. All this usually leads to much chaos and social upheaval to the amusement of viewers. A funny show.
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