Keeping Up Appearances

Season 4 Episode 8

Sea Fever

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1993 on BBC



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    • Onslow: So, then, this purser chap came up to the cabin and said we're on the captain's table. And I thought, "Blimey!" I mean, you win a competition, you get a luxury cruise, and then they expect you to eat with the crew!

    • Hyacinth: I shall appear to the captain personally. Throw myself on his mercy. I shall explain to him that my sister has lapses of common sense.
      Richard: Does she?
      Hyacinth: She married Onslow, didn't she?

    • Hyacinth: It's Onslow and Daisy. They're here!
      Richard: Well, how can they be here?
      Hyacinth: Well, they are. I've just seen them...climbing out of a lifeboat. They must have stowed away.

    • Hyacinth: I wanted to speak to you, Sheridan dear, before we depart, in case Mommy sinks. I want you to be very stern with the air-sea rescue people. Make it clear to them, dear, what a loss I would be to the cultural life of the community.

    • Onslow: I was dreaming about black holes. You look up at the sky and you think, "That's nice." Little do you realize it's full of black holes! They can suck you in! Compress all your matter!
      Daisy: (Glancing at his stomach)It could do with a bit.

    • Hyacinth: Are you my regular postman? The one with the twitch?
      Postman: I never used to have a twitch.

    • Onslow: Don't worry Dais, we've left your father in good hands.
      Daisy: Do you really think our Rose qualifies as good hands?
      Onslow: All right then, we've left him in good legs!

  • Notes

    • Not long before this episode aired in 1993, Patricia Routledge and Clive Swift made an appearance on "Pebble Mill."

      After this episode aired, the show came off of network television until December of 1994.

    • In the cabin scene before the end of the episode, there is an instance when a microphone can be seen in the top right corner of the screen.

      This occurs when Richard says "You should see their cabin!" to Hyacinth.

    • For the end credits of this episode, rather than using the table setting sequence, continued footage of Hyacinth and Onslow's dance is shown, with a shot of the QEII with Harold Snoad's credit.

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