Keeping Up Appearances - Season 4

BBC (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Angel Gabriel Blue
    Angel Gabriel Blue
    Episode 9
    Hyacinth has ordered new kitchen worktops, which must be of a "very high standard" and seen by everybody. Richard has athlete's foot, but Hyacinth insists on calling it "gout" because it's more 'socially acceptable'! Daisy and Onslow find a strange man in Daddy's bed.
  • Sea Fever
    Sea Fever
    Episode 8
    Hyacinth is looking forward to a spell of gracious living on the 'Queen Elizabeth II' while taking a holiday cruise. She soon changes her mind though when she discovers that, by some form of bad luck, Onslow and Daisy are also on board!
  • Let There Be Light
    Episode 7
    There's a problem with the electricity supply in the church hall, so Hyacinth volunteers Richard to sort things out - but does he know anything about electricity?
  • 10/10/93
    Hyacinth and Richard invite Elizabeth, Emmett, and a few other guests to their new weekend home for a "country tea". Emmet seems to like the ceilings!!!
  • 10/3/93
    Hyacinth takes Elizabeth into the country again to look for a 'weekend home'. Hyacinth's choice of property later alarms Richard and his future bank balance!
  • Keeping Up Appearances Episode #4.4
    Hyacinth is determined to buy a cottage in the country as a weekend retreat. Needless to say, her idea of what is suitable matches neither Richard's wishes nor his wallet. Luckily an amorous farmer makes her realize that country life is not as idyllic as she thought.
  • The Commodore
    The Commodore
    Episode 4
    Hyacinth volunteers to meet a guest speaker at the railway station and take him to the 'Ladies' Luncheon Club meeting'. As you can guess, everything goes wrong, as usual!
  • 9/19/93
    Hyacinth is very annoyed when she learns that the Barker-Finches, rival snobs who live down the road, have held a barbecue which was attended by "the Douglas Chater"! She's decides to organise an "outdoors indoors luxury barbecue and finger buffet" and is also determined to persuade a "celebrity" to attend.
  • Rural Retreat
    Rural Retreat
    Episode 2
    Hyacinth volunteers to escort a retired Commodore from the train station to the Ladies' Luncheon. She believes she has just what it takes to ingratiate herself with such an old sea dog.
  • Country Retreat
    Country Retreat
    Episode 2
    Hyacinth drags Richard off to look for a suitable property that she can call her "country retreat"!
  • A Job For Richard
    A Job For Richard
    Episode 1
    Hyacinth decides that Richard should return to work. She sets about finding him a suitable executive position. A local firm has a vacancy, so Hyacinth conspires to bring Richard to the attention of the Managing Director.
  • Keeping Up Appearances Episode #4.1
    Hyacinth has decided that Richard will pursue a high executive position with a local firm that has a recent vacancy. Richard fancies neither the prospect of the job nor the plan Hyacinth has devised for his chance meeting with The Big Boss.