Keeping Up Appearances - Season 5

BBC (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • The Bishop Affair
    The Bishop Affair
    Episode 12
    This episode was never aired due to scheduling problems, and its plot is unknown. It's also possible that this episode never existed.
  • The Pageant
    The Pageant
    Episode 11
    Hyacinth is organising a pageant in the church hall but a lack of volunteers means that Violet, Bruce, Onslow, Daisy and Rose have to be roped in to help. Elizabeth makes a mess of her stage management role and Hyacinth ends up being "crowned".
  • Historical Pageant
    Historical Pageant
    Episode 11
    Hyacinth produces a play, based on the English Civil War, and casts herself as Queen Henrietta Maria. But when no one else wants to be in it, Hyacinth reluctantly casts Rose, Daisy, Violet, Bruce and Onslow to play the other parts.
  • The Hostess
    Episode 10
    In the last ever regular episode, Hyacinth puts an advertisement in the local newspaper, offering her services as an "experienced hostess". She doesn't get the response she expected.
  • The Rolls Royce
    The Rolls Royce
    Episode 9
    Hyacinth 'borrows' a Rolls Royce from a sales office so that she can impress the neighbours. She gets Richard to drive her to an exclusive hotel. Unfortunately, Onlsow, Daisy and Rose also turn up. They're followed by the police, who've come to arrest Richard and Hyacinth because the Rolls Royce has been reported stolen by the sales office!moreless
  • 10/29/95
    Hyacinth can't believe her Freestyle Floral Decoration of a Table Centerpiece didn't win first place at the local craft fair. And to make matters worse, Lydia Hawksworth, a woman who was unpleasant at one of Hyacinth's candlelit suppers, walked away with the prize.
  • 10/22/95
    A "luxury barbecue" at Violet's house looks like being a disaster because Bruce and Violet keep having violent arguments. Hyacinth organises a sing song in an attempt to take everyone's mind off their hosts' battle. Later, Hyacinth goes along to a rehearsal of "The Boy Friend" to offer her services to Emmet.moreless
  • 10/15/95
    Hyacinth is determined to join the cast of Emmet's production of The Boyfriend. She invites him and Elizabeth for coffee, then bursts into "impromptu" snatches of 1920s songs.
  • The Boy Friend
    The Boy Friend
    Episode 7
    Hyacinth is determined to get herself a part in Emmet's production called "The Boy Friend". Daddy is "on guard" outside Daisy and Onslow's house and won't let anyone in.
  • 10/8/95
    Hyacinth goes to a country house sale. She buys some vintage wine and ends up getting drunk with the Lord of the Manor.
  • Skis
    Episode 5
    Hyacinth buys Richard a pair of skis for his birthday. If nothing else, they'll look good on the roofrack of their car.
  • A Riverside Picnic
    Episode 4
    Hyacinth is planning a picnic on the river bank but will it all go to plan?
  • 9/17/95
    Richard gets away with forgetting his wedding anniversary by telling Hyacinth that he's arranged to have a security system fitted as an anniversary present. He then he forgets the code for the new system - it's the date of their wedding anniversary -leaving Hyacinth less than pleased!
  • 9/10/95
    Hyacinth is annoyed and upset when she doesn't get an invitation to the Mayor's annual fancy dress ball. She insists that Richard takes steps to correct this "oversight". Rose has become engaged to a "Polish person". Unfortunately, she can't pronounce his surname.
  • 9/3/95
    Hyacinth volunteers to help with an old folks' outing to the coast, organised by the vicar.