Keeping Up Appearances

Season 3 Episode 6

The Art Exhibition

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1992 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Books from the opening of the show:
      (from the right)
      *How To Become Absurdly Well-Informed About The Famous And Infamous
      *Colour Me Beautiful
      *Always In Style
      *Flower Arranging
      *The Daily Mail Book of Household Hints And Tips
      *Modern Etiquette
      *The Book of Soft Furnishings
      *How To Win at Housework
      *Writing Letters For All Occasions

    • Daddy's sign said "If you love me let me know". While driving Daddy around, with the sign, Hyacinth got yells from a passing car of yong men, kissed fingertips and the right-of-way from a gent at an intersection, and a whistle from a dirty-looking guy.

  • Quotes

    • DaisyThere was a time when you'd chase me all over the house.
      Onslow: That was before we got colr, wasn't it?
      Daisy: Oh, nice!

    • Rose: Well, where do you go to join the Legion? Is there a branch 'round here?
      Daisy: I doubt it. We just got Col. Sanders.

    • Daisy: Onslow! Where do you go to join the Legion?
      Onslow:(half-awake) Cooper Street.
      Daisy: Not the British Legion, the French Foreign Legion.
      Onslow: They'll never take you-it's just for fellas!

    • Hyacinth: What did you get for me dear?
      Richard: The Beginner's Guide to Modern Art.
      Hyacinth: Beginners? With a son at university studying tapestry design and advanced needlework?

    • Hyacinth: I have a deep, natural appreciation of all things artistic. Why do people look so stunned at my candlelight suppers?

    • Elizabeth: It was Rose! I know it was!
      Emmett: (grinning)The one with the friendly legs?
      Elizabeth: (teasingly) You men never forget a face, do you?

    • Hyacinth: (looking at Daisy & Onslow's house) The Legion would've been tidier.

    • Hyacinth: It's a terrible thing to lose your Daddy before a cheese and wine.

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