Keeping Up Appearances

Season 5 Episode 7

The Boy Friend

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1995 on BBC

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  • Hyacinth is delighted when she hears that Emmett is directing an amateur production of "The Boyfriend" as she can see herself playing an important role.

    Hyacinth is very fond of Emmett and one of the reasons why is the fact that he is a classically trained musician and the director of the local Amateur Operatic Society. Given that Hyacinth thinks she has a truly marvellous voice and would have persued a career on the stage had she not married Richard, it's hardly surprising that she is overjoyed to learn that Emmett will soon be staging a production of "The Boyfriend." Needless to say, Hyacinth finds it necessary to 'help' Emmett out by showing the chorus girls how it's done and as a result, making them all run for cover!

    Some amusing moments in this one, particularly when the vicar, Emmett and the vicar do a bit of a number themselves.
  • sex and bacon

    Daisy makes plans so her and Onslow can have alone time. Daisy makes breakfast in bed to initiate sex. Onslow's aggrees to do it, if she buys more, bacon.
    Daisy:"some couples have foreplay, I have to fry bacon".
    Unfortunately, Rose comes home early from an " appointment"
    with a gentleman caller, and daddy locks them all out of the house and is standing in front of the house, in full army gear, with a bayonet, and won't let anyone in..
    Daisy panics and calls Hyacinth's who tries to blow her off, because she is in the middle of entertaining the neighbors and bugging Richard to give Sheridan 70 lbs.
    Poor,Daddy, we must go at one, what ever shall I wear."
    Hyacinth finally gets there, and daiy's neighbours all over the house and all try to shake Hyacinth's hand.
    Afterwards, Daisy and Onslow chat up Richard and Hyacinth about their sex life..and find out that their sexs life is not near as cold as R & H's.
    I also enjoy this episode, the comparisons.
    Daisy and Onslow appear to have alot of friends.
    Hyancinth's neigbours and Friends tolerate her and pity Richard.
    And their is some talk about Sheridan's sexuality.
    I wish they would have cast Hugh Grant to play Sheridan.
    That's how I pictured him..