Keeping Up Appearances

Season 1 Episode 4

The Charity Shop

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1990 on BBC

Episode Recap

A letter comes in the mail for Hyacinth. She sends Richard off to work, telling him he ought to start wearing a bowtie. She gets his briefcase for him, telling him he'll never get a promotion if he doesn't look as though he has something to carry.

As he leaves, he greets Elizabeth. Hyacinth comes out, too, and tells Elizabeth to be ready by 9:30 for the charity shop.

At Onslow's house, Daisy wakes Onslow and tells him there is a woman in Daddy's bedroom who claims to be his fiancee.

Hyacinth and Elizabeth prepare to leave, but Hyacinth hears the phone ringing. It is Daisy, telling her about their father's fiancee. Hyacinth says she'll be right over.

On the way, she tells Elizabeth to stop in front of a large, beautiful home. She has Elizabeth wait in the car, while she sneaks through the back garden. She scales the wall to escape the garden, then runs all the way to Daisy's house.

Daisy and Onslow say they can't get the woman to leave, so Hyacinth goes upstairs to try to speak to her. She tells the woman she has to leave, but she says that Daddy offered her marriage and she's not leaving. Hyacinth asks her if she has family, and she says she has a son, but he's 45 years old and doesn't need her around. Hyacinth gets his address and says she will call him and make sure he gets her.

Hyacinth returns and scales the wall again, being observed by the family in the house. She returns to Elizabeth's car, and they drive to the fiancee's son's house. The son, Mr. Duxbury, is helping a friend move stolen electronics into his house. Hyacinth tells him he must go get his mother back, but he doesn't want to. She tells him to make sure he gets her out of Daisy's house within the hour.

Hyacinth and Elizabeth arrive at the charity shop where Mrs. Councilor Nugent is already at work. Hyacinth tries to introduce Elizabeth to her, but Mrs. Nugent says she doesn't have time to socialize. Mrs. Nugent starts preaching about the evil of people who spend too much time trying to make themselves attractive to the opposite sex. Hyacinth looks out the window at that moment and sees Rose coming towards the shop in a very short, very tight skirt. She rushes outside to stop her from entering the shop.

Rose gives Hyacinth some clothes for the shop, then starts bemoaning the loss of a recent boyfriend named Mr. Blankensop. Rose says she's finished with men and she is going to spend her life alone. She tells Hyacinth that the clothes in the bag are all of her best and because she's going to be alone forever, she wanted to get rid of them. Hyacinth insists upon taking them in, then sends Rose home.

As Hyacinth reenters the shop, Mrs. Nugent is still railing against those who pay too much attention to the opposite sex. As she talks, Hyacinth empties out the bag and finds it contains lacy bras and underwear. She hurriedly shoves it back into the bag before Elizabeth and Mrs. Nugent can see.

Hyacinth calls Richard at work and tells him he must save her father from his marriage.

At Daisy's house, Mr. Duxbury and Onslow are fighting over who has to take Daddy's fiancee. Duxbury insists that she is in love with Daddy, but Onslow says their teapot is too small to support her, too. Richard and Hyacinth drive up, and Hyacinth insists they go inside so the neighbors can't watch.

Once inside, the arguing continues and Hyacinth comes downstairs for a break from it. Rose has taken a liking to Mr. Duxbury and is flirting shamelessly with him. Mrs. Nugent arrives at the house to return Rose's underwear and Hyacinth pretends she is German, calling through the letterbox to Mrs. Nugent. She then hides, and Rose comes downstairs to answer the door.

Rose gets her underwear and turns back to Mr. Duxbury, who is trying desperately to escape. She tells him that if his mother and her father stay together, this will be his home. He rushes upstairs and gets his mother immediately.

Hyacinth says she must get back to the charity shop, then hints to Onslow that shirts are available for very low prices there. He tells her they can give him a lift there and climbs in the car, much to Hyacinth's dismay.
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