Keeping Up Appearances

Season 1 Episode 6

The Christening

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1990 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • This is Shirley Stelfox's final appearance as Rose. Starting in season 2, Mary Millar plays Rose.

      Also, this is the only episode featuring Onslow and Daisy's daughter.

  • Quotes

    • Onslow: Is there any beer?
      Daisy: You're not having any beer til after the christening.
      Onslow: It's supposed to be a celebration, not a famine. Daisy, I really need a beer on account that your Hyacinth will be here any minute.
      Daisy: You're right. We'll both have a beer.

    • Hyacinth: What sort of a name is Kylie for a Christian person? It sounds like a foreign vegetable.

    • Rose: Is Onslow up yet?
      Daisy: I shouted him an hour ago.
      Rose: Ooh, that's cutting it fine. You know he needs at least two. (runs to the stairs that lead upstairs and yells up to Onslow) Onslow!
      Onslow (yelling down to Rose): Have you seen me clean shirt?
      Rose (yelling to Daisy): Daisy, where's Onslow's clean shirt?
      Daisy (yelling to Rose): How am I supposed to remember? He never wears a shirt.
      Rose (yelling up to Onslow): How is she supposed to remember? You never wear a shirt.
      Onslow (yelling down to Rose): I do on formal occasions.
      Rose (yelling to Daisy): He does on formal occasions.
      Daisy (yelling to Rose): Has he tried looking in the wardrobe?
      Rose (yelling up to Onslow): Have you tried looking in the wardrobe?
      Onslow (yelling down to Rose): I hope her lass isn't going to start having babies every year.
      Rose (yelling to Daisy): He hopes your lass isn't… (frustrated) Oh!

    • Richard: Is this tie all right?
      Hyacinth: For where we're going any tie's a novelty.
      Richard: It's no good being like that about it. It's a family occasion. The thing is to make the best of it. Anyway, I always think there's something rather nice about a Christening.
      Hyacinth: There's something even nicer if there's been a wedding first.

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