Keeping Up Appearances

Season 5 Episode 2

The Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1995 on BBC

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  • Hyacinth is very unimpressed when she learns that she and Richard have not been invited to the Mayor's annual fancy dress ball.

    Richard worked for the local council for many years and, each year, he and Hyacinth were attendees at the Mayor's fancy dress ball. Hyacinth always adores the chance to dress up in costume and mingle with the Mayor and other dignitaries, so she is furious when, following Richard's retirement, they do not receive an invitation to the up-coming event. She instructs Richard to see to it that an invitation is issued and a sympathetic employee who knows Hyacinth well sends one out.

    Most unfortunately, all the 'good' costumes from the costume shop are no longer available and Hyacinth and Richard end up attending looking MOST undignified, something Hyacinth simply cannot cope with!