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Keeping Up Appearances

Season 1 Episode 2

The New Vicar

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1990 on BBC
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Episode Summary

The New Vicar
As Hyacinth prepares to have the new vicar over for tea, Rose threatens to commit suicide and their father runs off with a gypsy woman.

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  • And now introducing the Vicar!

    This episode is all about getting to know the vicar as he is before touched by Hyacinth. We can see what people are like before the shellshock. I think the character would tremble over the thought of going to The Bucket Woman's house in the latter episodes, but in this one he is ignorant to what is to come and who exactly invited him for tea and light refreshments.

    There are a lot of things covered here I believe for the first time. To begin with, tea and light refreshments. This is the first time she comes up with a phrase describing one of her events that will be peppered throughout the episode. Here it's basic, later she will venture into wild nomenclature, such as the 'Outdoors Indoors Luxury Barbecue with Finger Buffet'. This is also the first time they allude to their son Sheridan being gay as they highlight the fact that he is moving in with a male friend who always makes his own curtains and has prizes for embroidery. This is just another aspect of her life she wishes to white wash as she sees it, not as it really is.

    This is also the first time she is entertaining, including the rehersal, and the event that is almost always bashed by her 'embarrassing' siblings. Although this will be played out again and again throughout the series, there is always something nice about the first time around. Perhaps because it's always done so simply and so subtly. In many TV programs, not only KUA, there is a continued escalation of what is funny. Each episode that follows the next has to be just a touch zanier and whackier to continue to get the laughs. Well, here is the calm before the storm, and it's quite a breath of fresh air.

    On the technical side of things, one thing that happens throughout the entire series, but very noticeable here is continuity errors regarding weather and filming. Perhaps many people don't notice or care, but I find it off-putting to see camera angle one in full blazing sunlight, and camera angle two in dark overcast, yet many scenes mix these two contrasts into one scene as supposed to be real time. Sunlight - overcast - sunlight - overcast. Nothing reminds you it's TV more than that.

    However, for all it's problems it's still a classic series and a classic episode.moreless
  • There is a new Vicar in town and Hyacinth is determined to entertain him at her home before anyone else gets the chance!

    Hyacinth is excited because the new Vicar (Jeremy Gittins) and his wife (Marion Baron) are coming to her home to partake of tea and light refreshments.

    Naturally, this means that poor Elizabeth will have to, willingly or not, be a party to the whole exercise and, of course, Hyacinth's totally unsuitable relatives will mess up the whole day for her, as usual!

    The Vicar and his wife, very relaxed and informal at first, soon start showing the major signs of stress which they and everyone else exhibit whenever Hyacinth is around. Naturally, admiring her china and praising her son, Sheridan,to the skies take priority over everything else. Of course we are also treated to one of the many 'corrections' on the way 'Bucket' is to be pronounced. The Vicar, of course, gets it wrong in this and every episode, but then again, who doesn't?

    Predictably, Elizabeth drops and spills things constantly and,of course, the dreaded (by Hyacinth!) relatives turn up to ruin her day!

    A great episode and important for the introduction of two new regular characters.moreless
Jeremy Gittins

Jeremy Gittins

The Vicar (Michael)

Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge

Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet")

Josephine Tewson

Josephine Tewson

Elizabeth Hawksworth Warden

Judy Cornwell

Judy Cornwell


Geoffrey Hughes

Geoffrey Hughes


Clive Swift

Clive Swift

Richard Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet")

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    • Hyacinth: [On the telephone] No, you cannot have three of 22 and a portion of 19 with chips! This is not the Chinese take-away. This is a private, slimline, pearl white telephone, with no oriental associations whatsoever!

    • Rose: I want to be burried in Mummy's wedding dress!
      Onslow: You've got a bloody cheek being burried in white.

    • Hyacinth: [On phone] Elizabeth. Yes, certainly I'll give you the benefit of my opinion.
      [Scene cuts to outside as Elizabeth shows off her dress to Hyacinth]
      Hyacinth: Oh yes. I like that. I've always liked that.
      Elizabeth: I haven't had it all that long.
      Hyacinth: It's very suitable, dear. You'll blend beautifully into the background.

    • Rose: [On phone] I can't live without Mr. Hepplewhite, not since the tragedy [Pause] Well it's what happens to all men in the end, he's gone back to his wife.

    • Daisy: It's bad luck not to buy something from a gypsy!
      Onslow: Bad luck? When we live like this how can you be scared of bad luck?

    • Richard: This suit?
      Hyacinth: Good grief, Richard, why do you always ask me? I don't determine what people wear.
      Richard: Do I take it that's a yes?
      Hyacinth: Can't you find a more religious tie?

    • Hyacinth: (on the phone) Rose, I know I asked the question, but I'm not standing here surrounded by expensive wallpaper to be given details like that.

    • Hyacinth: Richard! I will not have you waving in dirty gardening gloves.
      Richard: They get dirty when you're gardening, Hyacinth.
      Hyacinth: Can't you keep one pair for gardening and one pair for waving?

    • Hyacinth: (on the phone) Rose, you will not commit suicide, I forbid it. No one in this family has ever committed suicide, and I'm sure we're not going to start on the day I'm having the new vicar for tea and light refreshments.

    • Hyacinth: I wish you wouldn't raise your arms like that, Richard. Not when you're overheated. It's very common out of doors.
      Richard: It's warm work, Hyacinth.
      Hyacinth: If you have to perspire, I wish you'd go into the back garden, so as not to disturb the people who respect us socially.

    • Richard: What about their delivery policy?
      Hyacinth: Inept. Point to the folly of them, not customers of our social status. Be scathing, Richard. Crush them!

    • Liz: How is your father?
      Hyacinth: Oh, tragedy. A brilliant IQ struggling with senility!

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