Keeping Up Appearances

Season 5 Episode 11

The Pageant

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1995 on BBC

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  • In this final ever episode of "Keeping Up Appearances", Hyacinth appoints herself director of a local historical pageant and has everyone up in arms as the Civil War becomes real!

    Two things of major importance are happening for Hyacinth in this hilarious episode. First of all, she is directing a local civil war pageant in which she is playing the role of the queen (of course!) and also, much to the horror of everyone, she has recently acquired a mobile (cell) phone! She finds it necessary to ring the vicar and his wife in the middle of the night to give them her new number and also to remind them to drop in on the pageant rehearsals, which they, most reluctantly, agree to do.

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth has been appointed stage manager, but she isn't doing a very good job and Emmett and Hyacinth are both somewhat displeased with her. Richard and Emmett are assisting with the ironing of the costumes and all of the volunteers who are to act in minor roles have completely disappeared (they never came in the first place!) which means that it's necessary to rally the entire family to help out, which they do. The hilarity comes when several arguments are taking place and the vicar, dropping in as he said he would, thinks that they are part of the script!

    Unimpressed by the 'lines' the actors are spouting, the vicar calls for the curtain to be brought down, only to have Elizabeth pull the wrong cord, and Hyacinth, who is sitting queen-like on the throne in full costume, getting, quite literally, crowned from above as she is knocked unconscious by falling stage equipment.

    Convinced that she is going to die as the ambulance is about to take her to hospital, she instructs Richard to mak sure that Onslow wears a tie to her funeral and to 'tell God it's BOUQUET'!

    An hilarious and fitting ending to a truly excellent series. I wish there had been more of it. If you haven't watched this show, do yourself a favour and do so as soon as possible, it's a riot!