Keeping Up Appearances

Season 5 Episode 11

The Pageant

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1995 on BBC

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  • "Tell God it's Bouquet." Hyacinth directing a Civil War pageant; how simple can that possibly be?

    Hyacinth has taken over the director's role in a pageant, and naturally casted herself as the queen. It seems, though, that her search for volunteers - although she did phone them all personally - has been unfruitful; seems that mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers have suddenly all fallen ill. How terrible.

    In need of Rounheads and Cavaliers, Hyacinth makes the ultimate decision and calls in her family for help. With Elizabeth managing the lights, music and curtains, Richard as King Charles, and Onslow as a Roundhead (he keeps wondering why they automatically gave him that role), the pageant is just about to begin - and end quite suddenly.

    This episode has a lot of great moments: Father learning tango with another old fellow, Hyacinth with her new mobile phone, Violet and Bruce on a warpath, and Emmet dreaming of the day when he will finally strangle a certain person in his life, it has many good moments to offer.
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