Keeping Up Appearances

Season 5 Episode 9

The Rolls Royce

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1995 on BBC

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  • Onslow wears a shirt ..... Hyacinth gets arrested.

    Hyacinth is pissed because one of her friends didn't like that she had kiwi fruit at herlast brunch and she overtook them on the highway in her expensive car. Hyacinths drags poor Richard to a dealership and decides to try out a Rolls Royce... the guy at the dealership is busy and tells them to wait out in the car.Hyacinth talks Richard into trying out the Mercedes in the parking lot and they up in a turning lane with a bunch of cars behind them so they have to drive around the block....

    Meanwhile Daisy and Onslow decide to take Daddy out he wants to go to Africa and is dressed in a safari outfit...
    Onslow ,Daisy and Rose get all dressed up.. ( Onslow and daisy wears miami vice type shirts , and Rose wears a fur coat and a short, sexy, little black and pink dress.)
    Daddy jumps up and down in the car the whole there.
    They take daddy to the woods and have Onslow take him on a hike in the woods to look for wild elephant While Daisy and Rose sit in the car onthe side of the rode and make fun of them.
    Richard and Hyacinth end up at the hotel/coffee shop whear Hyacinth's snobby friend goes... Richard is nearly ready to have a heart attack.. cuz he is afraid the police are gonna think they stole the car...which they do but not with more incident....
    Hyacinth is having a great time until Richard whose standing by the window watching the rolls royce spots Onslow's gawd-awful car out in the parking lot.(Think Uncle Buck)

    Richard and Hyacinth hide all over the grounds of the hotel from daddy and onslow who are looking for giraffes.
    Daisy and Rose sit and carry on in the coffeE shop and talk about how nice the coffee shop powder room is and how nice it would be to remodle their bathromm. Maybe get a opaque window so the creep from across the street would quit watching them pee and stuff.
    In the end r AND h are arrested by the police for stealing the rolls royce, while Onslow,Daisy,Rose,Hyacinth's snobby friend and everyone else at the the hotel/coffee shop look on and laugh .. except daddy he's chasing a giraffe on the front lawn...
    This episode has alot of good quotes.
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