Keeping Up Appearances

Season 2 Episode 9

The Three-Piece Suite

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1991 on BBC
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The Three-Piece Suite
Hyacinth is waiting for a new three-piece suite to be delivered. She's determined to make sure that the neighbours notice the royal warrant on the side of the delivery van and goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure they do. But will everything go as planned?

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  • Hyacinth is having a new three-piece suite delivered for her living room and she is determined that the whole neighbourhood will find out about it!

    Hyacinth has ordered a lovely new three-piece suite for her living room. The furniture store has assured her that their delivery vans have the Royal Warrant on both sides, a fact which delights her as she is determined that the snooty Mrs. Barker-Finch who lives at number 23 will see it and plainly be seething with envy!

    In a moment of charitable conscience, she decides to give her old suite to Onslow and Daisy, as long as they collect it themselves. Predictably, Richard is roped into her schemes when he has to help her 'take measurements' in order to let the neighbours know that they are expecting a delivery, although one suspects that the three orange cones and a sign saying 'No Parking - Delivery Imminent' might just give them a clue anyway.

    Meanwhile, much to Hyacinth's horror, the family arrive to pick up the old suite in a rust bucket of a borrowed vehicle which Hyacinth simply will NOT allow to be seen outside her house, particularly as she has just made a prank call to Mrs. Barker-Finch to bring her to the window so she can see the suite and the van with the royal warrant delivering it! The only solution, of course, is to get rid of the relatives quick smart, before the van arrives!

    In typical 'Keeping Up Appearances' fashion, much hilarity and confusion is the order of the day as relatives, furniture and vans collide!

    Don't miss this one, it would be a shame if you did.moreless
  • all about furniture.....

    I cannot believe I am the first person to write a review for this particular episode. This is probably one of the best ones.

    Hyacinth is getting all new living room furniture. She is super excited that they are coming over when Mrs. Barker-Finch at 23 is home.(She hates her for a lot of petty reasons)

    She even makes poor Richard go out and put parking signs up for the furniture movers.

    She spemds the whole morning on the phone bvragging about how expensive her furniture is and that the moving people have the cute little crown on the side of the van.

    At the same time, Hyacinth calls to let them know that she is getting rid of her old furniture and she come and take it.

    Her family shows up the same the movers do, and she has Richard pay them to go around the block a few times until she can get rid of them.

    To her horror, the delivery breaks down, and Onslow offers to help load the furniture in his beat up raggedy bright green truck.

    She is completely mortified beacause she invited Elizabeth & Mrs.Barker Finch over so she could show off her furniture and the moving people cool little crown on the van.

    It probably sounds boring, words cant's describe it quie right.

    Again I think this show is where the writers fpr Everbody Loves Raymond gleaned alot of their material- Watched them and compare.....moreless
Patricia Routledge

Patricia Routledge

Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet")

Josephine Tewson

Josephine Tewson

Elizabeth Hawksworth Warden

David Griffin

David Griffin

Emmet Hawksworth

Judy Cornwell

Judy Cornwell


Geoffrey Hughes

Geoffrey Hughes


Mary Millar

Mary Millar

Rose #2

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    • Hyacinth: Richard, you know I love my family, but that's no reason I should have to acknowledge them in broad daylight.

    • Hyacinth: Sheridan wants to be a poet.
      Richard: Well, that's this week. It'lll die out.
      Hyacinth: I think it's my fault. I've always encouraged him to be artistic, but I meant within a proper salary scale and a decent pension plan.

    • Hyacinth: Richard, I want you to anticipate where delivery men of average height are liable to brush against my walls, even if they do possess the royal warrant. I expect you to prevent it, Richard.
      Richard: How am I supposed to stop them brushing against your walls?
      Hyacinth: By inserting yourself between the delivery man and my wallpaper.

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