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AIRED ON 7/17/2016

Season 12 : Episode 11

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In the sixth season of their hit reality show, the Kardashian clan strives to put family first. Worried that matriarch Kris Jenner has turned their brood into a business, oldest sister Kourtney is on a mission to bring the family together for some real quality time--but when she organizes a fun getaway for their parents' 20th anniversary, the trip doesn't quite go as planned. Plus, Kim's relationship with new beau New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries heats up as she helps Kendall kick-start her modeling career, Kourtney and Scott move into a new home, Kris contemplates getting plastic surgery, and Khloe helps Bruce have the "birds and the bees" talk with her younger sisters.

    News Briefs: BBC America Discovers Another Season of Atlantis

    Plus: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets good news, have a look at Dan Harmon's new show, and some trashy gossip.


    News Briefs: Sanitize Your TV for Three More Years of the Kardashians

    Plus: America's most popular tiny person renews his contract, Axe Cop might come to Fox, and Syfy greenlights five new reality shows.

  • Wednesday
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    • Im so ovea KIM

      well tonight ep was horrible im so confused why they still have a show its crazy kim is such a bitch

      & her mimi me khole lets start her kim how are you married with two kids and have so much time to be in everything &everybodys businesses worry about ya husband and his crazy ass in every season you always have something bad to say about rob your not perfect bitch & never will be judge mental bitch bye

      Now khole i use to like you til you became kims little bitch and cant think on your own so what if rob wants ton marry her & didnt tell yall i wouldn't either the fact of the matter is what has she done personally to yall meaning kim & khole you little ass sister and grown ass man ty is wrong if yoll can talk shit about rob then yall should've started with that shit 1st he did chyna wrong and so did she ty should be the one yall bash shit ya whole family has problemsmoreless
    • House of No talents

      This show spawned the onslaught of drivel that our brainless society seem to dine on daily. As long as they do, advertisers will pay and the circle will continue. Amazing just how low what we accept as "entertainment" has sunk. But hey, not their fault, they just put it out there. As long as people watch and advertisers pay, the show will go on.
    • Bullies jealous

      I was watching the view today and they showed a little portion of your upcoming show. Y'all (the girls) were having a heated discussion to your mother about buying Rob a house and y'all were just so opposed about it. I am a big fan I don't like the bullies who say y'all are only famous because of Kim's sex tape. I tell them bullies well there still going strong. I know y'all worked hard to get where y'all are. People say your fake. I think your realty show is the most honest and real show out there. You have all these housewife shows they are physically sometimes fighting calling each other names etc..... Grown Woman they are. (Right) lol yes y'all have your real life family arguments that I can relate to. I do have a couple of bones to pick at. These talk shows that talk bad about y'all (by now y'all can tell I am from Texas) anyway why go on their show? Ellen is the only the

      most positive talk host show I would go on. OK second pet pea, y'all are little hard on your brother when y'all first started on air we saw a lot of him. And he has ocd which that was said on show then after dancing with the stars he went in hiding for depression. I am a lot older than all of y'all I know what depression is all about when I was young Mormon medicines yet I was on a natural high I thought was normal bad ocd where I could not keep a husband. After years of ocd and parting hard I hit a low low depression I mean really bad and family and friends would say get up go do something. Those people did not know what that disease of serious depression can feel like I finally picked up myself went to Dr. Got on medicine Dr. Played around until we got the right combination. Then I was on a manic high again and I loved it I would get off and on all my medicine's then as I got older the Manics were less and less and the depression got worse and worse. The Dr. Said the more I did getting off and on in my young life it is worse on you because the high were less and the depression was all I got. Bad suicide bad and I was not drinking are doing drugs and I woke up in hospital a month latter from a coma, had no memory of what are why I did what I did. The . said people can have mental breaks and not know what happen. That was so scary that a mental break no control and do that. OK I can go on and on. Please take your brothers depression seriously. Love you guys. Screw all the jealous bullies out there who hide behind their phone, computers. Sincerely, your friend Sheila Wells.

    • Tired of it

      dear god! my sister watches this kind of crap like this, i used to like this show but not anymore it's unoriginal its every thursday and i just want to bang my head if i could ....
    • Hate Kadsshian show tired of their Faces

      I hate Kadashians they look like circus Clown this family is full of horse Shit I hate each one of are lookin uglier and uglier mama ppl only care about show and family look like plastic boxes no matter what they do.

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