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Reviews on Season 2!

Do you believe Kourtney's BF or do you think he's being shady?

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    Did anyone catch the 2nd season of Keeping up with the Kardashians on 3/9/08? What do you think about the whole Kourtney and Scott checking controversy? Anyone else thinks he's an idiot, besides me? What about Kim - do you think the family is right about her ridiculous behavior and bratty attitude?
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    I dont like Khloe all that much, I find her annoying, but I love when shes standing up for everyone (like Kourteney to Scott) and when shes sticking it to people who are being annoying (like Kim) lol

    I have the feeling that Kim was always arrogant and conceited, her parents have a lot of money, shes alot more pretty than the other girls and now that shes "famous" its getting even worse, so it doesnt surprise me in the least (kind of like Paris Hilton). But I thought it was funny w/ Kim how arrogant she was being until she was b!tching at her mom to get her the hotel room she mom would be like screw you, you go do it yourself!! And then the sisters immitating her and her seeing it was classic..and then when she talks to Bruce about it I love how hes like "well, theyre just immitating what theyre seeing around here" instead of feeling sympathetic! haha.

    I dont know about the Scott/Kourtney thing..I didnt believe anything he said but I dont think whoever that girl WAS his wife, or that hes even married, but I dont know why you would call another girl that. As a girl, I wouldnt be too thrilled about that and my BF Id imagine would be annoyed if I said my husband about someone else. I dont really know..Cant wait to see what happens next though.

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    OMG I so missed the last 10 mins. did she get back with him???
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