Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Season 2 Episode 6

Learning Self Defense

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2008 on E!

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  • The Kardashian Girls are learning self-defense! Oh Lord, please help!

    The clothing store that the Kardashians own, DASH, was "terrorized" by a lurker who came in and vandalized the store. Khloe was terrified for the worker that working at the store so she decided they needed to protect themselves, so Lilly (the employee), Kourtney, Kim and Khloe all go to a women's self-defense course and it seems to work well until they go home and step-dad Bruce Jenner tries to put their skills to the test and he totally whips the crap out of them! They realize that their new found techniques wouldn't actually work if they were attacked. Meanwhile, young Rob discovers that he is reaally good looking and wants to become a male model. He decides to quit school and take a job modeling in Tokyo, Japan. Against all the advice and demands from his mother, Bruce, his sisters (except Kim because she supports it), he decides to still go. He does realize that a lot of people are upset with him so he decides to call someone who has some experience with world travel - he calls his girlfriend Adrienne who is on tour in India. She tells him he should stay in school and finish and then in a year he can pursue his modeling career. Which, his family told him the same thing, but he takes the advice of a 17 year old girl? Ridiculous! Finally, Kris decides to take the girls to a shooting range and they all shoot guns off and Kris really wants to buy the girls a handgun, but thank god, the Kardashian girls are not as dumb as they look, and they turned down the handguns. Rob and Kourtney's boyfriend, Scott, decide to pretend rob the clothing store and Khloe soon realizes it is them and Rob reveals he is not leaving to go to Japan but will stay and the girls decide to hire a security company for the store! Good episode, glad Rob decided not to leave and I love the Kardashian clan!