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  • I just watched your show tonight (Bruce & Kris in Malibu)

    I was SOOO Happy that you two looked at pictures, you could see in your eyes that you really DO love each other. I've been watching your show Faithfully since the beginning and it makes me sooo MAD that the HATERS continually cut your show down. If they don't like the show then QUIT watching it. It's that simple. But don't think all your viewers think bad of your family, Because I love everyone of you. You are all sooo Beautiful and I can only imagine that putting yourself and your family in the reality show has to be draining at times. So whatever the HATERS are saying, it's only them being jealous of such a good looking family who has got it going on. I'm one of your fans that can't wait to see what's going to happen every week. Love & Respect Debra Catanzaro in Phoenix AZ

    June 24 2014 New Review

    About Kendals I watched the show tonight and CANNOT believe how Kendall is disrespecting you. I would make HER take care of her own damn huge dogs. It was funny tho when Kim sprayed the room and then threw the paper towels in it. LOL But really they arent Kims dogs. Kendall is thinking and acting like shes too good to do anything to help. I have a 30 yr old daughter myself and she would NEVER talk to me that way. I was dissapointed in Khloe tonight too. I feel bad her and Lamar are no longer together but now since shes lost weight shes acting uppity too and disrespecting you too. Kris you are just a wonderful mom and sometimes the kids treat you badly. i feel bad for you.
  • This show is about a really cool, new millenium version of the Brady's! The entire family is beautiful, interesting in very different ways, and I think will prove to be a GREAT show, despite it's early unkind reviews.

    I love just about every character on this show (Bruce needs some serious help, but that's another review!), and I think the show is VERY interesting. Definitely a "Guilty Pleasure" of mine!

    Being a reality show, the show's stars are played by themselves. Kris, 51, is the mom. She is currently married to Olympic star Bruce Jenner. Kris has 4 kids from her first marriage (to the now deceased Attorney Robert Kardashian-known for being on the O.J. criminal trial defense team), and their kids are: Kourtney 28, Kim 26, Khloe 23, and Robert 20. Kris has 2 additional daughter's with her current husband Bruce. They are the lovely Kendall and Kylie, 11 and 9, respectively. (Bruce has a son from his first marriage, Brody, who appears in some episodes)

    [Sidebar Notice: I really wish would "get with it" and accept submissions people are sending regarding the CORRECT episode schedule, photo's of everyone, correct bio's, and more. I have personally submitted ALL of the aforementioned details, but my items keep bouncing.]

    There is an episode (number 4), which is not mentioned here at where Kim does a cover and layout for Playboy magazine, December 2007 issue. It was an awesome episode because Kim's mom/manager Kris participated and did her own layout because she has "...always wanted to do Playboy". (The layout was done for her husband Bruce, not for the magazine, but it was shot by the awesome Playboy photographers.) This episode also shows a trip to the Playboy mansion, and an appearance by Hef himself. When gets it together, I'll write a specific review for that show.

    Back to the overall review, there are MANY storylines because the entire family is involved with the show. We get behind the scenes in the older girls high fashion boutique called Dash, as well as Kris's boutique called Smooch. We get to meet boyfriends, girlfriends, see various photo shoots for ALL the older girls (the entire family is beautiful), and we get to see Super Mom Kris and Super Dad Bruce try to keep it all together!

    There is a really cute video diary the parents do while snuggling in their pajama's: People get taped by the producer's asking Mr. and Mrs. Jenner for advice on different topics like how to raise responsible kids.

    The show is completely underrated. It's entertaining, funny, serious, and you might even learn something!
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    I adore Kris and her girls and son and son -in-law, Lamar Odom. THIS is the bEST show ever.
  • Think about what you're saying...

    I think it has become so anoying how many people, when they just don't like somenone, call her a slut and him a stupid moron... I don't understand why you can't just judge what is true and by that say what you don't like at a person.

    I don't think the Kardashians are whores or sluts, when one of them is married, the oldest hasn't had a different man in her life than her boyfriend with whom she is now for over 5 years and has 2 children with and the third does not behave slutty in whatever way either.

    I would'nt say about one of them to be super intellectual or intelligent, however they must be pretty smart to be ending up where they have or not?!

    Also as many have asked, I am for example one to keep their ratings up :) I find them funny and the show entertaning. It's one if those shows where fights being stupid and the children being disrespectful and bad educated is just what makes it fun to watch.
  • the best thing that happened to t.v.

    I love this family. They have good clean fun. This family protrays real life family issues and they solve. My fiance is in love with Scott. He now dresses like Scott. OMG Khole what to say. Great person. Sweetest think ever. Im happy she met Lamar she had a bunch of A-holes in her life. I love the young Kardashians i can't way for them to blow up. Please keep them out of trouble Khole (i know you are like mama bear) we don't need any more Lindsays and Paris Hiltons. I love their yearly christmas picture awesome. Omg Kourtney is one tiny thing but such a fun, fierce, fire ball love love love. Last but not least KIM i don't have to say much she know she got it. I love you with Kanye i hope it is not fake.
  • Horrid show, but I just can't help myself

    Keeping Up With The Kardashians is the proverbial trainwreck that I can't take my eyes off of. Each episode manages to be more appalling than the last, yet I just keep tuning in. I will probably watch every episode of the new season despite the fact that Kris Jenner will undoubtedly find new and even more despicable ways to pimp out her daughters. They are the epitome of celebutante. With no real claim to fame or accomplishments other than being related to the late Robert Kardashian, this family has less to offer than Paris Hilton. Who knows what exploits Kim and her sisters will manage to get into on this new season, but I will probably be right there watching despite being completely disgusted!
  • Not Disgusting

    I don't believe that Kim is a whore nor do I believe that Kris brought her girls up to be 'gold digging sluts'. Celebrities not getting married before having babies has actually become more of a trend and I'm certain Kim Kardashian is not the first to do this. I think that it's humorous how people judge these ladies the way that they do. Like their lives are any better. Instead of being spiteful, don't pay attention to them, it's that simple.
  • This wacky shows follows the mixed family of the Kardashians and Jenners around. Mostly focusing on the Kardashian women while Bruce Jenner tries to stay calm and keep control.

    This show is one of my guilty pleasures and I mean GUILTY! On one hand I am annoyed by Kim Kardashian. I don't think she is that pretty, mostly fake and made up. It's annoying when people are famous for doing nothing but making sex tapes and posing for playboy. On the other hand, she seems like a nice lady and fun to watch when she is around her sisters. Kourtney seems like a robot and doesn't really show too much emotion. Kylie and Kendall are not in it too much, just kind of around, but they do get some air time when they are being little brats. Khloe is my 2nd favorite because she is the most colorful of the bunch. She curses up a storm and talks back to everyone which turns out to be funny. The family is fun together, but by far the best character in the show is Bruce Jenner. Bruce tries super hard to keep order, but sometimes its just too much and he goes with the flow. When Bruce and Khloe are together watch out, its awesome! Overall the show kills time on sunday night before a long week of work!
  • The family has love that most people don't have

    Honestly this family has more love and care than most people. You can't just trust what you see in a magazines say. The show is great and at the end of the day you know that they are good people, and this is what they chose for there life. If you don't like it don't come and write a negative review, don't ruin it for the fans who love to watch the show because it makes them happy.
  • Unbelievable!

    Don't like it, don't watch it, simple as that! I happen to love this show. The family dynamics and the quirky things they do make me laugh. Although there are plenty of shows on these days that I would say are truly "trash", I don't trash talk or slander those in the show or those who watch it. I just choose to not watch them. Everyone does wrong in one way or another so to be fair, those of you calling the Kardashian girls whores and trash talking about them makes you no better, it makes you a sinner all the same. So you don't care for the entitled and there is plenty out there to watch. And for the person who said something about Kim being still married to Kris Humphries when she had her wrong, not very smart and have no idea what your talking about. Kim was divorced approx. 2 months before North was born. This kind of thing happens all the time these days but because of who she is, you'll publicly trash her. Everyone makes mistakes, the rich and famous are not exempt from this and the Kardashians show a glimpse of this and their life, which many of us could learn something from as far as communication skills, work ethic, family togetherness, etc.. Just remember those who judge others are usually the ones who are jealous or have plenty of their own issues. AND if you don't like the show don't watch it!
  • KUWTK SURVEYS please fill out!!!!!!! :)

    If you love Keeping up with the Kardashians, it would be such a big help if you could fill out these two short surveys about the reality series :)
  • sorry

    i fell so bad for kim you have been in brake ups and divorcees SORRY KIM!!
  • Most Un-real show on Reality Television.

    Seriously the fakest show I have ever seen. They tape at the parents house, but none of the girls live at their parents house! So all of the shots of them eating dinner together, wrestling around, and sitting around the living room are preplanned. It's ridiculous! Oh, and can I tell you how I love that Kris and Bruce allowed their daughters to install stripper poles in the bedroom (I'm beginning to see where the sex tape comes from...) Almost every episode has a mention of Kim's butt. It's another character. (Kim's a$$ is actually mentioned more than their brother Robert!) Nothing is sacred in this household, not even the 12-year-old's first period! I mean come on people, boundries!!!
  • This is a show detailing the lives of the Kardashian family, next of Kin to the late great Robert Kardashian. It is funny at times but it is more enlightening.

    I am not one to fall in love with shows about socialites, but I actually like this show. It has got to be 100% better than the Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Before seeing the show, I only thought of Kim Kardashian as a softcore adult actress, but now I see her and her sisters as what they are. Human beings that happen to be famous. They fight, joke around, play pranks on each other but at the end of the day they stick together and that's what family is all about. Included in the show is mom Kris, step-dad Bruce, brother Rob, sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kendall, and Kylie. It's a little cheesy but cute, and it definitely will change your opinion on how you feel about socialites. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe own and operate their own clothing store called Dash and they are best friends. It's a cool show to watch.
  • Great Show, Keeps Fans Coming Back and Entertained

    This shows is the best (Personally, one of my favorites) You get to really see how this family lives, People would usually get the idea that Khloe, Kourtney and Kim are a bunch of ditzy girls but they're not. This is one of the few reality shows that isn't Scripted, (Every once in awhile I think they will have them come back in and repeat what they said or a hold this argument until tomorrow type thing.. but not staged or scripted)

    A Fun show and usually at the end you learn something valuble. The only reason I gave it a 9.5 and not a 10.0 is because I don't think anything is perfect.
  • Need a more opinionated Bruce!

    Bruce, I rated you a 10 because you are a gem. I can't for the life of me understand why you allow the Kardashian family treat you like they do. I love'em, but it makes me sick to watch how you are treated. You have soooo been there for all of them. Chris, yp, Chris, to her its all about money. As a Mother, I understand wanting the best for our children, but hand over some of that good fortune managing to those who are benefiting from it. She works all the time, and the children are doing there own thing while you Bruce are always alone. I love Kendle & Kylie and I hope you at least teach them that you feel a lot more rewarded when you earn your good fortune. I think all the children are thankful for what they have but God should be first in their lives as in everyones life. My heart just breaks for you. You are a wonderful person as is Chris, but she needs to take a step back and realize what she is missing and that there is more to life than meetings & money. I do love you guys! Good luck!
  • Dash Fever!!!!

    I think KUWTK is the best reality show ever!!!. Only problem is, their only on once a week!!!! Love you guys!!!!!

  • Why?????

    why did these short /overweight girls get a show in the first place? they have no talent they are not interesting to watch and they are complete simpleltons
  • You all want to be classy, but your kinda trashy, other then kim, and sometimes kourtney.

    I truly think khloe and Kourtney are just two jealous bitches of Kim, and they try to bring her down all the time and try to make it okay but that's not okay. Kim is a very talented lady and she needs to know that. As a sister myself I know and understand how frustrating it can be, but you guys really need to grow up and be supportive. I was fairly disappointed in a couple of episodes. I love you Kardashians. I am so addicted to this show its like bizarre. I am so happy I have Netflix, so I wont mix an episode, and I can continue to go back and watch the old ones. Great show for the most part, because its so real its unbelievable. Like I wouldn't ever think of you ladies as wild as you are, but I Love it.
  • It needs more Kendall and Kylie

    The show needs to feature more of Kendall and Kylie.
  • Horrible

    This show is garbage. These people are desperate looking for attention. It's so clearly obvious how fake they truly are, yet pretend to be "real"
  • NO Talent, NO Class, No Morals

    Why doesn't the network give this show an X-rated some of the things they show on this show are truly X-Rated
  • Trashy?

    If Keeping Up With the Kardashians is so "trashy", then why does it have more ratings than all the Disney shows comibined, huh? Suck my ass, bitches

  • Sick Freaks and yet another reason why Hollywood should burn.

    Where can you start to describe the sick dysfunction of this family.. One word of advice for Bruce Jenner. Take your biological kids and get the hell out of there. Big brother was playing girls gone wild on their 10 year old half naked selves. But sadly, I don't think they can throw you in prison until he licks them like Michael Jackson's nephew did to Kim Kardashian. They are the only victims here. The rest of you sick freakshows- asian girl dating 1970's idiot white guy, white girl- about to serial kill her entire family, hybrid girl(Kim)- humping every burnt negroid degenerate and putting it on film for everyone including her dead Father to see.

    But them being stupid, superficial, and next in line for a town burning isn't what really upsets me about these people. Their pointless existence does. If they disappeared tomorrow the world would be a better place. Bruce Jenner's 10 and 11 year olds wouldn't be molested and taught to act like whores. The money that he has can go towards a family that spends their time raising their kids to be intelligent, kind, and selfless. Where his grandkids won't look like Michael Jacksons monkey Bubbles. This whole show gives me reason to cheer when California burns. And I don't like even thinking that. In short, this show is utter dogcrap.
  • Worst show on tv?

    Aside from Bruce Jenner's AWESOME plastic surgery, why anyone would watch this show (I only saw it for a minute because the battery died in my remote while channel surfing) is beyond me. Who are these people? Why do they have a show? Art least Ozzy and The Diceman had careers before their "reality" shows. These people might just be the most vacuous morons I've seen on tv since Paris Hilton. I had to turn the channel and watch something with a little more substance...thank goodness Parking Wars was on...thank you Garfield and gang!!! In the event I'm ever in a coma, I hope that someone puts this on my hospital room tv, as the sound will likely encourage my functioning grey cells to shut down my body and put me out of my misery.
  • are you serious ??

    I dont even know how to pretend to care about these idiots.
  • funny show and shows how money talks..feel sorry for bruce as they show him no respect and could care less for his advice. shows if one sister acts against khloe, they are going to gang up and treat her like they have a the plague.

    khloe is the worst excuse for a sister. she says she loves everyone but does her best to hurt everyones feelings. She has a mouth full of trash showing she can't carry on a simple converstion without cusing. If she is playing a part she is doing great, but it doesn't make much of an example to the two young kids how they should act. With her being a role model, they don't have a chance. I understand now why she did home school. Everyone at school would know here comes the spoiled kid with a mouth of a sailor.
    I do like the story lines, but she needs to wash out her mouth with soap and even a litte joy...

    this family has NO TALENT NO MORALS NO CLASS Blame ryan seacrest and NBC for putting and keeping them on tv.
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