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  • It is a sad day in culture when people are fascinated by shows like this.

    Before I watched their True Hollywood Story, I had absolutely no idea who the Kardashians were. The only real significant thing they were apart of was the O.J. Simpson trial. But then...the whole family gets notoriety because Kim stars in a sex tape she didn't want released. Gosh, THAT'S original.

    Can someone please tell me what is so fascinating about this family? I've only seen bits and pieces of it, and from what I can tell, it's all about family arguments, teen angst, the daughters flaunting their bodies any chance they can, and the family hating the daughters' boyfriends.

    Puh-lease. As if that doesn't happen in half the world's homes already.

    Forgive me if I sound offensive. But I flat-out do NOT like this show. The sad truth is, what this family does is nothing new to the rest of us. They just happen to have more money.
  • Say goodbye please

    Take this show off the air. These girls are sluts and why do people watch them to keep their ratings up? Or are they just rich enough to pay their way into our lives. I don't care about them, their fashion, their men, or their pregnancies.
  • It's a sad generation we currently live in

    I think this show is kinda dumb. Everyone is saying this show is not reality like it should be, that they script it. why would you script a reality show? it's suppose to be reality. one thing that's kinda dumb is how in one of the spin-offs, Kourtney was on the toilet in front of everyone, and Khloe was just standing there acting like a total bitch. I'll admit, it is creppy to go to the bathroom in front of everyone, but it shouldn't be treated like a big deal considering everyone uses the toilet. so this show is dumb, I don't recommend watching it, I only watched it a few times because I was bored.
  • God,this show is so much of a bad show.

    This show was one of the worst shows ever made and it's more really terrible than Gossip Girl or Reba.First of all,it's one of the boringest shows ever made and it's really not funny or not good or excellent of stuff like that.Second of all,Kim Kardashian is a really big phoney in this show.Even that she won a debate on The Great Debate.That's one of the worst things about her.And I really hate this show than any other very boring show of the world.And even though I really hate Oobi,it's still one of the worst shows ever made.Still pretty bad for shows.

    this family has NO TALENT NO MORALS NO CLASS Blame ryan seacrest and NBC for putting and keeping them on tv.
  • liz25

    What a horrible portrayal of adult women. All they care about is money, clothes, how they look and what club, bar or restuarant they are going to. . Life is so much more than that. Kim is the the others are not far behind. What is so sad is that they are making a TON of money and there are people out here who are doing wonderful things and can not make ends meet. They are sickening.
  • Kardashians going to San Diego to see MJ

    How sad that Kris Jenner had not EVEN seen her mother in 2 years. What a joke that she is SO busy. Her mother has had TWO cancers and she doesn't even care. She cries stupid tears saying Oh I don't know what to do when she is not around...What a joke. Do something about it now. Have her live in her mammoth house. Take care of her instead of leaving her alone. Walk the walk--don't talk the talk!! Actually, producers should have been ashamed of themselves even broadcasting that Kris is such a selfish person. Her true colors really came out. Her DAUGHTERS made her go!
  • NO Talent, NO Class, No Morals

    Why doesn't the network give this show an X-rated some of the things they show on this show are truly X-Rated
  • Worse than Rabbids Invasion

    At least Rabbids Invasion doesn't influence as many people as this show does. And that says a lot. Because Rabbids Invasion is BHHHAwful! This show is worse. I only watch it to see how awful it is.
  • Dumb and Dumber

    Obnoxious and depressing reality TV.

    I feel sad whenever a commercial for this show comes on. This show depicts women as shallow, greedy, and immoral. It would be refreshing to air a show with strong/ smart women who act like ladies.
  • This Show is Why the Armenian Genocide Happened

    Why would anyone gives these morons a show? There's nothing appealing about them, their voices are so obnoxious it makes me want to punch a hole in my wall. But more importantly, they're all attention seekers, and Kim is a complete whore. Their family dynamic is screwed up because it's obvious that the manger; oops I mean mother, favors her little whore over the rest of the children. Heed my warning and don't watch this show, In fact don't watch any of their shows and then maybe one day no one will care about them and they can go back to being stupid wannabe celebrities.
  • Kardashian? More like whores cashing in.

    I predicted a year and a half ago that Kim would get pregnant as soon as this shows ratings started to drop. I was right. Am I physic? No, these idiots are just that predictable. This show is on E! so often, they should rename it the K channel. If Kris sees this, I'm sure she will try to get that done. Ryan Seacrest shuld be ashamed of himself for giving the world this crap, but he relishes in crap and people keep rewarding him for it. I don't know who is dumber, the Kardashians or the people who are teir fans.
  • You have to be joking!

    This show and shows like it are produced very cheaply and are aimed at simple people! I have just read some of the comments and I am astounded! One person said that the kardashians are real people with real problems! Are you kidding! This show is made up if you didn't realize! The events that take place are for ratings! This is a no talent family with an intelligent mother who knows how to promote no talent children! They are not real people! D

    Please stop watching this crap and make the producers of shows like this realize that there are people out there with a brain who want quality programming and not brain dead dribble!
  • Absolute garbage.

    I kept seeing commercials for this show, and I had absolutely no idea who the Kardashians were or why anyone would want to keep up with them. So, I watched the majority of one episode, and the only person I recognized was Bruce Jenner. Bruce must really have really needed some cash to agree to make this bottom-of-the-barrell piece of manure. I had to go to the internet to find out who the Kardashian family was, to find out that they get their fame due to the late Robert Kardashian being a wealthy lawyer and friend of unconvicted murderer O.J. Simpson. The entire family is as dumb as a box of rocks. Kim Kardashian is the worst of the bunch. She makes Paris Hilton look like a genius, and a virtuous one at that. Kim seems to be in the habit of making porn movies with rapper boyfriends, gets naked in front of the camera quite a bit, but then seems shocked when this stuff gets leaked to the public. When not having sex or stripping for the camera, Kim and her siblings seem to spend their time doing worthwhile and interesting things like shopping! It's a complete waste of time and the worst type of celebrity worship trash on TV. I'd rate this one a zero if I could.
  • Why do they give everyone who isn't anyone a reality show?

    I have no clue as to who these people are, other than one made a sex tape i think. Why do they have their own show? Can i make a sex tape and get my own show? This show is horrible and i have no idea still why i'm supposed to be watching these lame low rich class people in an unreal setting. Why this show wasn't canned half way through the first season is a huge mystery to me. I googled "why do the kardashians have their own reality show" in hopes of finding out why they have their own show, but i couldn't find any answer. I would have put punctuation/paragraph setups in this review, but unfortunately the five minutes of this show i just watched has left me feeling brain dammaged.
  • are you serious ??

    I dont even know how to pretend to care about these idiots.

  • Horrible

    This show is garbage. These people are desperate looking for attention. It's so clearly obvious how fake they truly are, yet pretend to be "real"
  • A hideous reflection of america

    This family alone represents everything that is wrong with our society. Between these overcompensated shells of people complaining about some nonsensical issue, and the "drama" they cause and then shove down our throats and say "hey look what Kim is doing!" I feel myself losing perspective on my own life. Good lord help you if this is something you enjoy. There is a point where it stops being funny and it starts being a real sociological issue. "If you don't like it don't watch" great advice, I won't. "I think it has become so anoying how many people, when they just don't like somenone, call her a slut and him a stupid yeah, well if you make money from a sex tape you might want to rethink trying to defend yourself in that respect, and if you don't want to be called a moron don't name your child after a direction. 1, I'm sorry i caught even a minute of this show in passing.
  • Just why?

    If E! wants to earn respect as a television station, it should stop airing shit like this. It's all about spoiled sluts who think they have to worry about real problems. They don't have worry about paying bills and putting food on the table. They have to worry about everyone finding out how big sluts they are (Which by just looking at it, it's pretty obvious) while keeping that gold spoon in their mouth
  • Hey kris JENNER AKA wish I was still a kardashian

    Kris Jenner ...a woman that tries so hard to live her life through her daughters...because she refuses to accept her life is over...will go down as one of the most phony and evil woman ever on tv....I don't know how anybody can live with this think you're an icon lady but you're just a manipulating witch....fool yourself alllll you want but just know all of us watching just shake our head at're and designer sunglasses do nothing for you...your big herpes lip matches you perfect though.....all the tears you cry...the interviews on the show you do...everything about you is are a snake and a sneak and nothing more than a manager instead of a want it all to be about you but it's not and never will just hate the fact that your name is Jenner and not kardashian don't you! You despise it....hope Bruce hits a hole in one with big red! Couldnt wait for a reason to justify you being a hooker in your own marriage....funny part is that you actually think any guy would stay with done....Hope you read this because it will definitely stick with you...know why? Because its allllll true
  • Thanks E!, we really needed this show.

    It would be so easy for me to completely ream this show and never look back. But, anybody that has seen even the shortest clip of "Keeping up with the Kardashians", knows exactly what's wrong with it. I've tried to look past the obvious flaws and give Kim and fam a chance-but it's no use. Because it is so completely random and insignificant-it will probably stay on for another five or six seasons. Yeah, that seems about right. The women who seem to be intentionally making sex tapes, taking nude photos and posting them, and getting DUI's will continue to influence a whole new generation of young women, not to mention the twin sisters who probably look up to them.
  • the show is not that great

    Why do you think constant talk about your butt makes you tv worhty or your assoication with paris or ray j makes you the poo? I saw the episode with your mom the manager I was so not suprised of your reaction at the fashion show with the plus size models or model being their I know you are trying to uphold and image but darn your mom is not in the best shape either she has a ponch(tummy) you realy could have kept that to yourself just at least to look like you have some compassion for others but I guess you don't and also the big booty hoes reference I guess about yourself what catagorie will that put you in? do you think your better because your white or whatever with a big butt? go back to school and realy make a differance or but why should you then it won't be all about you...... and your butt.
  • The real American horror story; freak show!

    Absolutely amazing! I have lost my faith in everyone! Producers and the remedial people who watch the absurd feces that's produced! That whole family has more than proven their oxygen wasting lives! I am completely insulted by every aspect of these primates. There hasn't been one ounce of value in life they have provided. They make money for being useless people who only know how to spend money and pay people to do everything for them. GARBAGE! Let's see these overpaid sex receptacles in a show where the have to do things the average person has to do! I find it hard to believe that the people producing this crap can't come up with better shows to throw money at, and the people watching don't want shows that don't promote a useless and insulting life!
  • When is this going to end

    Horrible, despicable show. The mom is a exploiter she takes advantage of anyone in any way she's the true definition of a monster.
  • True godess

    Money can buy many things, but class isn't one of them. The kardashian's (aka kardASSian's) are a bunch of big assed, no class ho ho's. They're not happy people if this is the only way they know to get attention. I can't agree more with the people who commented "the show should be cancelled", and "why do the tv networks keep broadcasting them"? They're discusting! They're a disgrace to women everywhere.
  • Why?????

    why did these short /overweight girls get a show in the first place? they have no talent they are not interesting to watch and they are complete simpleltons
  • This isreally a stupidshow. These women are not stars, they have no talent, They are not well educated,or they don't sound like it. Their eye makeup bill must be astronomical.Kim scammed thesponsors for 18mil. SICK PEOPLE!! Cancelit!


    How does this drivel get on TV. The sponsors all got taken, badly with regard to Kim's wedding. I don't watch but bits and pieces when going by this channel. I didn't watch the wedding, and try to turn off the show as soon as I get to it on the remote. They must have run out of money and thought up this scam. Bruce, I feel sorry for you to have to hang around a bunch of spoiled brats.

  • The worst "reality" show on television hands down. It just sickens me how horrible of a mother Kim's mom is.

    Only thing Kim Kardashian is a sex tape and now having the worst mother on the planet. Oh, and here step father is a Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. Kris Kardashian-Jenner is her mother and manager. After watching the episode where Kim gets an offer to do Playboy and Kim says, "I'm not going to be nude". Sad part is her mother talked her into doing it. Even when Kin said no and wanted it to be in her contract. Well, her Mother didn't put that in Kim's contract. The Mother one and got Heff to talk her into it. The Kardashian family is split on the issue, but Bruce is very unhappy. It's just really sad to see a mother make money off her daughters naked body.
    I'm no way a conservative but to do this to your child is sickening. I want to thank E for showing how these young stars parents take advantage of them, ex. Britney and Lindsey. It's like they don't have a choice in the matter. I actually recommend mothers or fathers to watch the show and see how not to raise your kids.
  • funny show and shows how money talks..feel sorry for bruce as they show him no respect and could care less for his advice. shows if one sister acts against khloe, they are going to gang up and treat her like they have a the plague.

    khloe is the worst excuse for a sister. she says she loves everyone but does her best to hurt everyones feelings. She has a mouth full of trash showing she can't carry on a simple converstion without cusing. If she is playing a part she is doing great, but it doesn't make much of an example to the two young kids how they should act. With her being a role model, they don't have a chance. I understand now why she did home school. Everyone at school would know here comes the spoiled kid with a mouth of a sailor.
    I do like the story lines, but she needs to wash out her mouth with soap and even a litte joy...
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