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    IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fashonista ? hehe

    Kim giving khloe fashion advice ? lol She cant even dress herself. never could. And all that plastic at their age?.
  • Awful

    While I am of the opinion that these people are stupid and crude I did not realize they are also anti-Semitic. Why am I not surprised? No filters and certainly no couth.
  • My favorite

    I love watching the show but there r some things/ people that act fake! & they r real people like the rest of us!!
  • off the air please

    just take this useless untalented show off the air. kardashians are old and uninteresting

    This show is train wreck. So unrealistic to the thousand of everyday Joes who work hard all day and can't afford any part of their oppulence. CANCEL THEM...

  • Please Cancel this Show

    Why do all of the women have whiny, annoying, voices?? Do they hear their own voices? They all sound alike except for Kris who needs to stay off the show. No one cares about her. The audience is young people. They don't want to see her. My 15 year old niece used to watch it from time to time (ugh) but turns to another channel when Kris is on. Who wants to watch a poor excuse of a Mother with her self-centered, egotistical, children???
  • Im so ovea KIM

    well tonight ep was horrible im so confused why they still have a show its crazy kim is such a bitch

    & her mimi me khole lets start her kim how are you married with two kids and have so much time to be in everything &everybodys businesses worry about ya husband and his crazy ass in every season you always have something bad to say about rob your not perfect bitch & never will be judge mental bitch bye

    Now khole i use to like you til you became kims little bitch and cant think on your own so what if rob wants ton marry her & didnt tell yall i wouldn't either the fact of the matter is what has she done personally to yall meaning kim & khole you little ass sister and grown ass man ty is wrong if yoll can talk shit about rob then yall should've started with that shit 1st he did chyna wrong and so did she ty should be the one yall bash shit ya whole family has problems
  • House of No talents

    This show spawned the onslaught of drivel that our brainless society seem to dine on daily. As long as they do, advertisers will pay and the circle will continue. Amazing just how low what we accept as "entertainment" has sunk. But hey, not their fault, they just put it out there. As long as people watch and advertisers pay, the show will go on.
  • Bullies jealous

    I was watching the view today and they showed a little portion of your upcoming show. Y'all (the girls) were having a heated discussion to your mother about buying Rob a house and y'all were just so opposed about it. I am a big fan I don't like the bullies who say y'all are only famous because of Kim's sex tape. I tell them bullies well there still going strong. I know y'all worked hard to get where y'all are. People say your fake. I think your realty show is the most honest and real show out there. You have all these housewife shows they are physically sometimes fighting calling each other names etc..... Grown Woman they are. (Right) lol yes y'all have your real life family arguments that I can relate to. I do have a couple of bones to pick at. These talk shows that talk bad about y'all (by now y'all can tell I am from Texas) anyway why go on their show? Ellen is the only the

    most positive talk host show I would go on. OK second pet pea, y'all are little hard on your brother when y'all first started on air we saw a lot of him. And he has ocd which that was said on show then after dancing with the stars he went in hiding for depression. I am a lot older than all of y'all I know what depression is all about when I was young Mormon medicines yet I was on a natural high I thought was normal bad ocd where I could not keep a husband. After years of ocd and parting hard I hit a low low depression I mean really bad and family and friends would say get up go do something. Those people did not know what that disease of serious depression can feel like I finally picked up myself went to Dr. Got on medicine Dr. Played around until we got the right combination. Then I was on a manic high again and I loved it I would get off and on all my medicine's then as I got older the Manics were less and less and the depression got worse and worse. The Dr. Said the more I did getting off and on in my young life it is worse on you because the high were less and the depression was all I got. Bad suicide bad and I was not drinking are doing drugs and I woke up in hospital a month latter from a coma, had no memory of what are why I did what I did. The . said people can have mental breaks and not know what happen. That was so scary that a mental break no control and do that. OK I can go on and on. Please take your brothers depression seriously. Love you guys. Screw all the jealous bullies out there who hide behind their phone, computers. Sincerely, your friend Sheila Wells.

  • Tired of it

    dear god! my sister watches this kind of crap like this, i used to like this show but not anymore it's unoriginal its every thursday and i just want to bang my head if i could ....
  • Hate Kadsshian show tired of their Faces

    I hate Kadashians they look like circus Clown this family is full of horse Shit I hate each one of are lookin uglier and uglier mama ppl only care about show and family look like plastic boxes no matter what they do.
  • Sick to my stomach

    What are people thinking watching the Kardashians. They are rude, fake, narcisstic, selfish, arrogant oh did I say fake. Everytime I see anything about any one of them I change channels and I refuse to buy any magazine with any of them in it.

    When Khloe lied about the pies,that was really the last straw. Why didn't she just say like she tweeted that I have a lot going in my life so I decided to buy these wonderful pies? They all think they are so perfect, but we all know they are the mist fake people on tv. She has got the filthiest mouth, no class or morals just like her whole family.

    Kim has slept with more men than she can count. Her kids will eventually see what she is when they can read. Why are they on the news for everything? Kim is pregnant, Kim has a hang nail or some other stupid thing. None of us could care less, and their voices don't even get me started on those nasally baby voices. Uugh

  • Who's watching this?

    I am surprised to see that this show is 6/10 on this show suppose to get -100/10.

    Boring and just not funny. Stupid people.
  • If the Evilcorp of Mr. Robot is real, this show is one of its public faces

    Publicity hogs like the Kardasians play right into the desires of the rich and help concentrate power into fewer hands.

  • STOP!!

    Stop making stupid people famous... But you already did with this show!!

    I couldn't fall asleep last night, so decided to watch Keeping Up.... to see if it had gotten any better since the last time I watched it about three years ago. No, it hasn't. If anything, it is worse. It is excrutiatingly dull. Why would anyone waste time watching this show? This particular episode included Kourtney planning changes to a new home, Kloe going to a cosmetic surgeon for some tush work, the girls sitting around a table making inspid, dull conversation, and Kylie's puffy lips which really are not pretty at all. The camera stayed focused pretty much on Kim, then Kloe (I don't know why Kloe) and fleetingly on the prettiest of them all - Kendall, and then Kim again, Kloe etc. What was the director thinking? And, above all, why are these people rich and famous?
  • Best show on television

    This show drives me crazy in a good way. I love all the drama. My favorite one is Khloe because she was married to a basketball player. I hope they get back together. The only thing that's kind of a bummer is all of the stupid rumors that Bruce is becoming a woman. I can't believe anyone would fall for that. Just because he is taking better care of his skin and wearing stylish clothes does not mean he is becoming a woman. To me, Bruce is more manly than ever.
  • I just want to know why Kylie doesn't get her own personality?

    Gosh I understand the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl, but why is Kylie so rude ot her mom on the trip to La Valencia and why on earth does she try so hard to act like KIm Kardashian? GET YOUR OWN PERSONALITY people will like you better if you're authentic.

    ( i don't want to "score" a wanted to let this child know she needs to be herself)
  • Not good anymore!

    Used to absolutely love this show. They used to not hold back on things and now it's completely obvious they hold back on everything. It sucks now.. I find it really boring and just not funny.. Feels like they care too much about what others think and it used to not be like that. Cancel the show now :/
  • NO Talent, NO Class, No Morals

    Why doesn't the network give this show an X-rated some of the things they show on this show are truly X-Rated
  • Should be Kreeping up w the Kardashians

    Kan they be just a bit more annoying?! What's with all the pouting, poses? Every time the camera is on, they pose, make pouting expressions and whine about everything! It's not reality anymore, they act like they can act but Kant! Kim looks like her Khartoon and her face is plastic, btw, why do we give her royalty attention for sucking D on the Internet, taking clothes off for free, or is it millions?! They have no shame in their game. PLS grow up already and respect yourselves for your kids now! It used to be a show I enjoyed like 2009/2010. But after all the years and money, they are just whoring it out for those to watch fake kake up amateur actors who are narcissists to the nines! Khloes krappy mouthtoo is too much, not funny anymore. trying to out do yourself ?! not working! and poor Rob, he had no chance with his mom making him be there like a cheerleader for his sisters and they could of included him but threw him aside when they didnt need him anymore, nice job fam! Might have money but it didnt buy you Klass! i think they all missed out on education and it shows! opps! Sorry, but switching the channel! Lets see the real deal and let them go! Ciao'. Rating says 4.5. But I tried with a 2 and wouldn't take it?
  • The real American horror story; freak show!

    Absolutely amazing! I have lost my faith in everyone! Producers and the remedial people who watch the absurd feces that's produced! That whole family has more than proven their oxygen wasting lives! I am completely insulted by every aspect of these primates. There hasn't been one ounce of value in life they have provided. They make money for being useless people who only know how to spend money and pay people to do everything for them. GARBAGE! Let's see these overpaid sex receptacles in a show where the have to do things the average person has to do! I find it hard to believe that the people producing this crap can't come up with better shows to throw money at, and the people watching don't want shows that don't promote a useless and insulting life!
  • When is this going to end

    Horrible, despicable show. The mom is a exploiter she takes advantage of anyone in any way she's the true definition of a monster.
  • True godess

    Money can buy many things, but class isn't one of them. The kardashian's (aka kardASSian's) are a bunch of big assed, no class ho ho's. They're not happy people if this is the only way they know to get attention. I can't agree more with the people who commented "the show should be cancelled", and "why do the tv networks keep broadcasting them"? They're discusting! They're a disgrace to women everywhere.
  • Don't Dash at the last name "Kardashian"

    Reality Television. Some people like it. Some people absolutely hate it. I'll admit some reality TV shows are pointless and staged, but for me, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is different. Starting out with an opening scene of a family joking around and fighting can make you smile and want to know more. The family of 6 kids always has something going on they make the show very busy and intriguing. The show displays different situations of their lives that make the audience connect to the family. For example: 4 divorces, deaths, and the way they deal with family rumors. It's important that a reality show connects to the viewers because that is how the shows get a new contract each year.

    The show has been on the air since 2007, so obviously some people like it. They don't try to make themselves sound perfect. They are real humans who screw up. They may mess up on a different scale but I can relate because I'm not perfect. It helps the viewers feel better about the problems they may have in their life. For example my grandma was sick a few months ago, and I was upset about it, but then I saw the struggle Scott (Kourtney's boyfriend) had when he lost both of his parents in a matter of months. The Kardashians are very family-orientated, so no matter what's going on they stick together. The show triggers the viewers' emotions wanting them to keep watching to make sure the main reality stars recover.

    The Kardashians go on many family vacations, and while being on vacation they do community service. For example, they went to Thailand to get away from the craziness in America, but made time to play with the kids at the orphanage near by. This shows that even though they have a lot of money and fame, they still help others in need. This stands out from other reality television shows that are focused only on the family and their glamorous life.

    The one factor of the show that you must understand is that it's not scripted or staged. The Kardashians are a very dramatic family. It doesn't matter if they are on camera or not they will still do the crazy activities, or react the same to a situation that comes up. Before 2007, I would always hear their name in the headlines for the ridiculous shenanigans they did, so after receiving attention by the press the directors figured the Kardashians would be a perfect fit for a reality show. Therefore, it's one thing if you don't like the family themselves, but the show is just displaying how they are, it doesn't automatically make the show horrible and fake. This is what I appreciate the most about Keeping up With The Kardashians.

    Whenever you are scrolling through the channels, and you see Keeping Up With The Kardashians on, don't immediately switch the channel. Give them a chance. You may actually realize you can relate to them, and will be able to create your own view on the family.


    the show offers grown woman talking about their vajajay's and the Mom legs spread wide open and teenagers watch this show. WHY does E and NBC keep them on is GARBAGE tv.
  • Since when did it become keeping up with the kardashians/ jenners

    I can not stand Brandon and Leah , she's the most annoying i can't bare to watch the show anymore because she's always on it now and she talks like she's reading a script get her off the show