Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Sunday 10:00 PM on E! Premiered Oct 14, 2007 In Season


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  • Hey kris JENNER AKA wish I was still a kardashian

    Kris Jenner ...a woman that tries so hard to live her life through her daughters...because she refuses to accept her life is over...will go down as one of the most phony and evil woman ever on tv....I don't know how anybody can live with this think you're an icon lady but you're just a manipulating witch....fool yourself alllll you want but just know all of us watching just shake our head at're and designer sunglasses do nothing for you...your big herpes lip matches you perfect though.....all the tears you cry...the interviews on the show you do...everything about you is are a snake and a sneak and nothing more than a manager instead of a want it all to be about you but it's not and never will just hate the fact that your name is Jenner and not kardashian don't you! You despise it....hope Bruce hits a hole in one with big red! Couldnt wait for a reason to justify you being a hooker in your own marriage....funny part is that you actually think any guy would stay with done....Hope you read this because it will definitely stick with you...know why? Because its allllll true