Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Sunday 10:00 PM on E! Premiered Oct 14, 2007 In Season


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  • Im so ovea KIM

    well tonight ep was horrible im so confused why they still have a show its crazy kim is such a bitch

    & her mimi me khole lets start her kim how are you married with two kids and have so much time to be in everything &everybodys businesses worry about ya husband and his crazy ass in every season you always have something bad to say about rob your not perfect bitch & never will be judge mental bitch bye

    Now khole i use to like you til you became kims little bitch and cant think on your own so what if rob wants ton marry her & didnt tell yall i wouldn't either the fact of the matter is what has she done personally to yall meaning kim & khole you little ass sister and grown ass man ty is wrong if yoll can talk shit about rob then yall should've started with that shit 1st he did chyna wrong and so did she ty should be the one yall bash shit ya whole family has problems