Keeping Up with the Kardashians - Season 7

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  • Baby, Baby, Baby
    Episode 18

    "In the season finale, Khloe receives shocking news as to why she can't conceive and begins medical treatment in order to produce eggs. Meanwhile, Bruce, along with his sons Brandon and Brody, travels to Oregon to view the track qualifying round for the 2012 Olympics. But with Kendall and Kylie missing, Bruce begins to feel like his daughters don't appreciate his accomplishments. Then, Kris hosts a baby shower for Kourtney, and when Kim's boyfriend Kanye attends the shower, she realizes just how special their relationship is. Finally, after a season of babies on the brain, Kourtney gives birth to her second child, daughter Penelope Scotland.

  • Cuts Both Ways
    Episode 17

    "While casually discussing improvements around the house, Kourtney drops a bombshell on Scott when she reveals she's thinking of having several more kids after their baby girl is born! Scared that he'll be trapped by her master plan, Scott sees a doctor about the risks and benefits of getting a vasectomy--and walks away from the visit with a lot to consider. Meanwhile, Kris gets her breast implants redone, and Kim and Khloe make an appointment with a fertility specialist where Khloe receives unsettling news.

  • 9/2/12

    "After Rob's meltdown at family therapy, Kim tries to work out her issues with her siblings, but her efforts end up making things even worse. Rob tries to find his own voice by starting a clothing line with Scott, but will he just repeat the same old mistakes? Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie fall seriously behind in school, and Kim sticks out like a sore thumb when she visits Lamar's old stomping grounds in Jamaica Queens, New York.

  • 8/26/12

    "The Kardashian household gets shaken up when Oprah Winfrey comes to visit and interviews the entire family! But having the famous daytime talk show host around stirs up drama that was being neatly swept under the rug, including Rob's ambition to start a men's store under the Dash moniker and Kourtney and Khloe's irritation that Kim wants to fly solo most of the time. To smooth things over, Khloe convinces everyone to join in on a family therapy session--but doesn't realize how much damage has already been done. Meanwhile, Kim's relationship with Kanye continues to flourish and she allows his stylist to raid her closet!

  • 8/19/12

    After visiting her ailing mother down in San Diego, Kris begins obsessing over how the Kardashian brood will handle her remains once she and Bruce pass on. While her mother's burial plans were already planned out long ago, Kris and Bruce have never discussed where or how their bodies should be cared for post-mortem--and she begins meeting with mortuary caretakers and coffin makers to solidify her state in the afterlife. But not everyone in the family is on board with her crazy behavior--mainly Rob, who's distressed over already having lost a father. Meanwhile, Kourtney grapples with the thought of teaching Mason the meaning of death--as she conceals the passing of their new fish.

  • 8/5/12

    When the girls find out how serious their grandmother MJ's illness has gotten, they urge Kris to pay a visit. But the thought of seeing her mom brings up a lot of emotions for Kris, who tries to use her busy schedule as a way to dodge the trip to San Diego. Meanwhile, despite her sisters' trepidation, Kourtney mulls over having her baby at home, and brings Khloe along to witness an actual water birth.

  • Parent Trapped
    Episode 12

    Kim makes Lamar go see a dentist. Meanwhile, Rob worries that he is losing his hair, and Bruce starts to doubt Kris' stories.

  • 7/22/12

    Bruce strikes up a friendship with Angie Everhart. Meanwhile, Rob moves back in with Khloe and Lamar.

  • The Royal Treatment
    Episode 10

    Scott wants to become royalty on a trip to London and believes he has become a Lord--but fails to realize if he wants respect, he has to give respect. Meanwhile, Kim fills her time in London with public appearances and starts to neglect her bestie Jonathan--who finally confronts her. Plus, Bruce reveals a darker side of his personality when he, Kris and Khloe take a trip to Boston.

  • The Kardashian clan travels to New York to show support for Scott's restaurant opening, but when Scott neglects the entire family, they start to get upset. Meanwhile, Kim begins a romance with music artist Kanye West, but tries to keep it private, and Rob gets frustrated that Scott's business is booming while his is put on the backburner--causing him to act out.

  • As if the stress of Lamar's release from the Dallas Mavericks isn't enough, Khloe's family bombards the couple as soon as they move back home to California. Between Kim wanting to throw a welcome home bash and Kourtney trying to organize a trip to New York for the opening of Scott's restaurant, Khloe is inundated with requests to steal her away from her house. Plus, the pressure of being Lamar's perfectly organized wife is already a job that's taking its toll. Meanwhile, Bruce plays a sneaky trick on Kendall in order to spend more time with her and Kylie.

  • Scott's insecurities drive a wedge between him and Kourtney's family, driving him to ditch their exotic vacation. However, Bruce doesn't let him off that easy. Meanwhile, Kris has an allergic reaction to something she ate which causes her lip to triple in size, leaving her confined to her hotel room out of sheer embarrassment. Also, the entire clan makes a music video during their drama-filled getaway.

  • 6/24/12

    The Kardashian's prepare for a trip to the Dominican Republic.

  • 7.8

    Kris runs into her ex-boyfriend Todd Waterman, the man she left Robert Kardashian for, and considers staying in contact with him. However, their encounter brings back confusing feelings and tearful memories, and maintaining a relationship with him would be hurtful to Bruce. Will Kris put all of the factors aside and still meet up with him--or will she leave everything in the past and move on? Meanwhile, Scott goes out for a night on the town with Kim and even goes back to her place afterwards to join a steamy internet chatroom--without Kourtney.

  • 6/10/12

    Kris and Bruce's son talk about working together.

  • 5/28/12

    Kim takes to wearing wigs.

  • Momager Dearest
    Episode 2

    Kendall and Kylie get a job working for amagazine.

  • Who's Your Daddy
    Episode 1

    Kris asks Khloe's siblings for DNA to prove her paternity.