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Season 14 : Episode 13

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  • 6/2/13
    A short six years since The Kardashians became a household name, a lot has changed for their family. Executive producer and family friend Ryan Seacrest invites Kris, Bruce, Kim, Kourtney, Scott, Khloe, Rob, Kendall, and Kylie to a private dinner to set the record straight on what they really think of one another, their most awkward and wildest moments and much more. Hear from every member of the family as they go one-on-one with Seacrest covering everything from love and marriage to fame and constant media scrutiny. Seacrest's personal relationship with The Kardashians allows him to capture an even more intimate look at this dynamic family than anything you've seen before.moreless
  • 6/2/13

    In the season eight premiere, Kim deals with the stress of her ongoing divorce battle with NBA player Kris Humphries. In addition, she and Kanye West are looking for a new home to share. All the stress has left Kim scared for the future of her baby. Meanwhile, Bruce and Kris' relationship takes a breather as Bruce decides he should get his own place in Malibu--but will the two of them survive the distance? Also, Scott tries to get Kourtney to try new things in the bedroom, but not without Kourtney proposing her own experiment. Plus, we find out the gender of Kim and Kanye's baby!

  • Opa!
    Episode 10
    The Kardashian-Jenner clan is still having fun in the sun in Greece! Will they be one big happy family or will tension rise when Brody confronts Kris about their past? Plus, will Lord Disick make it to Greece or will his party-boy ways keep him clubbing in London? Meanwhile, the Jenner boys pump up the energy on their vacay--while the Kardashian girls go for, what should be, a relaxing pedicure. Plus, in a family full of extroverts, introverted Kendall feels left out. And Kim's pregnancy continues to be under the microscope by the press--even in Greece.moreless
  • Greece Is the Word
    Episode 8
    The Kardashians and Jenners are more than ready to get away from it all (but not each other) when they decide to plan a trip to Greece! Yet no family vacation is ever without drama--and this one's a doozy. When Bruce finds out Kris didn't offer Brody an invitation, he confronts her about including his son--even if that means an uncomfortable apology. Meanwhile, Rob is still feeling insecure about his weight but not asking for the right kind of help and Kim is tied up in court proceedings as she fights for a divorce from her ex Kris Humphries.moreless
  • Backdoor Bruiser
    Episode 14
    When Bruce and Kris reveal that they made a dirty home video twenty years ago, the kids leap at the chance to get back at their old man. Kourtney and Scott decide the best way to give Bruce a taste of his own medicine is to dress up and film their own version of the infamous tape on the family's old camcorder. Meanwhile, Khloe seeks answers as to why her childhood memory is so spotty. With the help of photo albums, a neurologist and a hypnotherapist, she begins fill in some of the blanks. Then, Kendall finds comfort in being a Jenner as she struggles to find her identity among her louder siblings. Will Kris understand as she watches her little girl pull away?moreless
  • 8/25/13
    Rob shocks everyone when he takes up chainsaw art in Khloe's backyard. Meanwhile, Kim considers eating her own placenta after she gives birth. Shocked by her family's judgmental reaction and eager for some payback, she and Kourtney plot to give them a taste of their own medicine! Plus, Bruce has been the butt of Jimmy Fallon's jokes for years, so he's a bit surprised when he gets asked to appear on the comedian's talk show.moreless
  • 6/7/13
    While Kim and Kourtney's relationship strengthens as both find commonalities in motherhood, the sisters inadvertently ignore Khloe and hurt her feelings. She ends up turning to someone in the family for friendship she never would've dreamed could be fun to hang out with. Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie give their mom a hard time when Kris begins to fear peeing in public restrooms. Plus, Leah and Brandon are on the brink of releasing their new album--but the couple has a hard time communicating when it comes to pulling the trigger.moreless
  • I Will Fix You
    Episode 5
    Kris worries about Rob's recent behavior as tensions run high in the house. After talking with Kim and Kourtney, she begins to take steps to help him. Meanwhile, Khloe tries to get to the bottom of Kendall and Kylie's issues with each other now that both girls are growing up--and seemingly apart. Plus, Scott's fears threaten his racing career.moreless
  • Paparazzi and Papas
    Episode 17
    Kim's due date is soon approaching, and while she's already booked her labor day glam squad, she has yet to book a delivery room! To make things even worse, the paparazzi is growing even more aggressive, so the family asks her to devise an escape plan for when she goes into labor. But a visit to the doctor might just throw those plans right out the window! Meanwhile, Kris worries about her mother being alone, so her kids try to set Grandma MJ up on a blind date.moreless
  • Baby Shower Blues
    Episode 15
    Kourtney and Khloe can't believe that Kim doesn't want a baby shower, so they plan one behind her back. All goes well as planned until incriminating evidence leaks online--and the scheming sisters find themselves in Kim's hormonal warpath! Meanwhile, Kris and Kylie plot to get rid of Bruce's gun and Khloe gets super self-conscious about her infamous camel toe.moreless
  • Enough Is Enough
    Episode 2

    The Kardashian clan rallies together in the face of a nasty tabloid scandal targeted at Kris. Meanwhile, Brody struggles with not having Bruce in his life as a child and a trip to the beach brings their issues to a head. Can father and son reconcile while there's still a relationship to salvage? Then, Rob's weight gain has begun to depress him and he reaches out to Kim for a solution. See if Kim can whip her husky brother into shape. And finally, don't mess with the Kardashians! See how Kris' girls come to her aid to face the media's cruel lies.

  • 8/18/13
    Bruce's mom is getting up there in years, so he'd like to surprise her by flying to Idaho with Kris by his side. However, Kris worries about meeting with Esther, who she's never really had much of a relationship with over the past 23 years of marriage to Bruce. Meanwhile, Kim is starting to feel more like a mom to Kylie than her sister when she realizes just how hip Kylie is when it comes to fashion in comparison to Kim's pregnancy wardrobe. Plus, the entire family pulls their final Todd Kraines prank on Kris when they get the real Todd Kraines involved!moreless
  • 7/14/13
    When Kim discovers her house will still be under construction when her baby is due, she stresses out over finding a rental property she can move into once her current lease is up. However, her home search is just one more thing to add to an ongoing list of tasks to complete before the baby arrives and there's one person who has the solution--her mom. Kris is adamant about Kim moving back into the Jenner household, so the whole family can help out when the new baby comes. Will Kim finally give up and give in? Meanwhile, Scott is becoming Kim's go-to guy when it comes to all things baby related--but Kourtney's not too keen on losing her man to her sister.moreless
  • More to the Story
    Episode 16
    As Kim nears closer to her baby's due date, the pressure is on for Khloe to round out the Kardashian baby pool and have the next baby! However, as Khloe becomes quieter on baby talk, Kim becomes suspicious that the problem is deeper than Khloe lets on. In an effort to snap her out of the funk, Kim convinces Khloe to meet with an adoption attorney--but do they share the same motivation? Meanwhile, Bruce is also on Khloe's case, but instead of focusing on babies, he's upset that her six-month-old puppy isn't well behaved--and he's got the perfect plan to help Khloe, too!moreless
  • 8/11/13
    The Kardashian-Jenner house is packed with people as Kris welcomes Kim back into the house, so she can help her when the baby comes! However, not everyone's happy with Kim moving back in, including Bruce whose private space in the garage is being encroached upon. Plus, Kris drops a bombshell on Kendall and Kylie, which encourages Kendall to secretly hunt for a house of her own. And Brody and Brandon's secret plan to construct a putting green for their dad is underway--but will Kris somehow uncover their scheme?moreless
  • 12/1/13

    The Kardashians gather for their annual Christmas card photo.

  • Greece Him Up
    Episode 9
    With only a couple days left in Mykonos, Kris realizes her moments with Brody have been few and far between. She still hasn't been able to discover the real fissure between them--and she desperately wants to fix their relationship. After a pep talk with Kourtney, Kris seizes every opportunity to connect with Brody--and eventually pulls him aside for a private conversation that turns extremely emotional. Meanwhile, Scott is still in London for public appearances, but Kourtney gets upset when she sees pictures of him with some of his cohorts. Plus, Khloe is determined to experience everything Greece has to offer, and Kim begins to feel the effects of her pregnancy all over her body.moreless
  • 6/23/13
  • 10/27/13
    Kim delivers baby North West five weeks early! Can the Kardashian family learn to keep calm during emergencies? Plus, Kris Jenner puts together a nursery for the baby's arrival, but Kourtney disapproves. Bruce Jenner takes a trip to Las Vegas with Brody, Brandon and Leah to meet Bruce's new BFF. The family prepares for Kim, Kanye and North to come home--and they're taking all precautions! Has Kim become the new Kourtney with her crazy mom tendencies? Find out!moreless
  • Kylie's Sweet 16
    Episode 20
    In the season finale, Kylie chooses to plan her Sweet 16 without the help of Kris. Meanwhile, Rob has a serious conversation with Khloe about their current living situation. Plus, Kris is forced to babysit a pig after Kendall thinks it's a great idea to buy one and abandon it!
  • Agree to Disagree
    Episode 3
    After a prank 911 call sends cops to the Kardashian-Jenner family house, Bruce decides he needs to get a gun for protection against intruders. Kris is not pleased with the idea and so the arguing commences! The family becomes divided when Kendall sides with Bruce and Kylie sides with Kris. Meanwhile, Kim continues to deal with the aftermath of her divorce with Kris Humphries. As she lets the stress get to her, she begins to have excruciating stomach pains and must be rushed to the hospital.moreless
  • Bruce gathers up all the kids in the family to join him on a camping trip to Nevada. However, when Khloe finds out how close the campsite is to Area 51, she arranges a slight detour to go alien hunting! Meanwhile, Kris' very own talk show is finally debuting--but she's extremely put off when she doesn't feel any love or support from the rest of her family. Will her tears knock some compassion into her kids' hearts? Plus, Lamar's erratic behavior becomes more apparent to the rest of the family when he starts phoning constantly while Khloe's away.moreless