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FYI: Manga volumes online -- Looks like the Manga finally is ended August 2011

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    I found this website: and from what I can tell it is the entire Kekkaishi Manga (35 volumes, 345 chapters). The last volume / chapter has the name: Ended and I believe it to be the last volume / chapter of the Kekkaishi manga. While I read it, I'm not familiar enough with what is going on to really tell if it is the end, but believe it to be so.

    If anyone wants to check it out, I'd appreciate your opinion and also your review of the story line, etc.

    Anyone already know about this site or read the volumes? Did the site get sealed? The reason I'm kind of confused is everyone still looks to be the same age (still high school). I think they're only 2 years older than the anime (e.g. 16 instead of 14). Maybe the manga only covers a 2 year period, thoughts???????

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts, comments, review, etc on the manga / website.

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