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This is thread for Adult Swim's Dub

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    Well, Hello fello Kekkaishi fans. I've been letting my DVR get ahead for a little bit so that I could watch Kekkaishi and not get stuck on a cliffhanger. As it turns out, I've just finished catching up, so I thought I'd stop by.

    But things are a little dry here it seems. No one is watching and posting on the show? Pfft. I only waited so long so that I wouldn't get spoiled on a weekly basis.

    Of course, as soon as I come to the site, the page reveals the title of the last episode. Naturally, I suspected that the anime would end with that event - but it's still a bit annoying. I have not read this manga - and will likely not - as I might wait to see if a new anime is ever called out. I do think anime is my favorite way to watch this material.

    Now that we've got a clear intelligent enemy, I'm curious to see how future conflicts will be held. This show has been fairly clever and unique in the use of barriers - so I'm optimistic. I'm suspicious that Yoshimori will eclipse Tokane - which I hope never happens as to keep their rivalry.

    The dialogue is sometimes, almost clever. It has the knack at being fresh, yet somehow sounding like a lot of shows I've heard before.

    I've also enjoyed the relative simplicity of Yoshi's life - and his brother is very compelling as a character. I would almost like for him to speak his mind LESS often, if that were possible.

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    At the end of the anime (I don't know about the manga) Yoshimori clearly is more powerful and has increased his skills over Tokane, but I don't see any issue / problem with it. They still see each other as partners and would go to whatever extreme is necessary to protect and help each other.

    I honestly hope, believe, and pray the 400 feud between the two families will end with these legitimate heirs. Even if Yoshimori doesn't seal Karasumori, I can see / hope the feud arch comes to an end with this generation. It would open up so many new avenues for both sides (good and evil).

    Anyway, I'd love to see / know more about the Kekkaishi universe.
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