Season 1 Episode 1

Wound of the Right Arm

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 2006 on YTV
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Wound of the Right Arm
In this opening episode, we are introduced to 9 year old Yoshimori, and 11 year old Tokine, the two "Kekkaishi" in charge of protecting "Karasumori" an ancient land that has the ability to empower demons, that is now home to their school. Yoshimori and his 500 year old spirit-dog Madarao, and Tokine with her 400 year old spirit-dog Hakubi must use their "kekkai" abilities to destroy demonic monsters known as Ayakashi, and protect the land of Karasumori.moreless
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      • The basic abilities of a Kekkaishi are explained in this episode, and are as follows:

        Houi - Engulf - Locks on to the enemy.

        Jouso - Cornerstone - Creates the basis for the kekkai (barrier).

        Ketsu - Bind - Creates the kekkai.

        Kai - Release - Disables the kekkai.

        Metsu - Destruction - Destroys everything within the kekkai.

        Tenketsu - Heavenly Hole - Tenketsu is actually the name of the staff they use to perform this ability which sucks the shards of the Ayakashi into the otherworld.

      • The named Ayakashi that appeared in this episode were:

        Tatou (Multiple heads) - A monster that uses its sharp beak and powerful legs as weapons.

        Yumigane - A monster that becomes a full battle type after transforming from its child form.

      • The majority of this episode was actually a 5-year back-flash to show character development between the two main characters, and the reason behind why Yoshimori is so insistent on protecting Tokine.

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