Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • everyone says it's not original well, it's a sketch show, there are alot of sketch shows, just like there are also alot of shows that were originally made in Britian.

    I don't know why everyone thinks that they are the only one to bring a British show to America, several games shows and TV shows have come from there and been very successful here. I think this show was pretty funny. I enjoyed it for the little time it was on. It was my type of comedy I liked that goofy humor, and the different sketches that they did. I think they should bring it back but put it on a night were nothing else is on like Monday night. There were some things they needed to fix, but it never was around long enough for the writers and the coemdians to fix them.
  • horrible idea

    here is a prime example of how not to bring a british show to america. it only rarely works. with the exceptions of deal or no deal and american idol, i cannot think of many more that have worked out. the only question i have is why would kelsey grammer have ever thought it was a good idea. i mean does he honestly need the money?
  • Kelsey Grammar's Sketch Show was basically just as the name says it is, a sketch show with sketches and non sequitars, with an ensemble of actors creating and bringing to life satires and exaggerations from a world created from their own imaginations.

    I liked this show, but even I admit it had more bad moments than good ones. The only really good TV sketch comedies that worked were "The Benny Hill Show," "Dave Allen at Large" and by the broadest scope, both the American and British versions of "Whose Line" and they all worked because they had the courage to push bad taste. "The Sketch Show" didn't even try; it relied on bad puns and confusing scenes that got even more bizarre as scenes unfolded. There was no foundation to the series either. On his series, Dave Allen told hysterical stories and shared whimsical looks of life based on his strict Catholic upbringing while Benny often told dirty limericks that slipped past American censors and used beautiful women to prove men act like idiots. Nothing was wrong with the "Sketch Show" ensemble of actors; each of them could easily have created an enduring character to go down in TV history with Flip Wilson's Geraldine or Eddie Murphy's Buckwheat. Kelsey Grammar obviously had a lot of faith in this series to show just how much comedy he could do when he wasn't limited to the restraints of Dr. Frasier Craine, but the series was inflicted with not enough creativity or courage to do anything daring. Drew Carey and Dave Allen both proved that comedy could not be defined and it did not have to be forced, but The Sketch Show was about as painful as watching your relatives trying to make your baby girl smile.

  • FOX needs people who know comedy. They get stupid shows and think they'll last forever, but they last about three weeks. They should have learned their lesson when Family Guy was a smash hit on DVD. FOX needs to keep it's good shows and get rid of the BAD

    Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show is another example of FOX murdering an absolutely funny show! They aired about five episodes, and then they did not say anything about it after that. They replaced it with The Princes of Malibu, a show about two annoying brothers who are in their twenties, still live with their parents, and are too lazy to work. FOX probably said, \"Hey, I got a great idea! Let\'s get rid of this show that is hillarious and replace it with two selfish kids who manipulate their parents. It can\'t fail!\" It did. I think it lasted only two episodes. I was so angry with the show that I did not even see the whole first episode. I don\'t know why FOX loves to kill good comedy. It goes back as far as The Critic, then Family Guy, then Futurama, and, most recently, Arrested Developement. The Sketch Show was pure comedy. It had sight gags, puns, and, best of all, it was witty. It had a feel like a British comedy such as Benny Hill or Monty Python (but not as outragous). The Sketch Show just needed an audience. Sunday was a great night for it and they should put it right after The Simpsons and in front of Family Guy. That way it\'s sure fire that people are going to watch. Since they probably won\'t bring it back, though, they should release the episodes on DVD. That would make me happy.
  • The Americanised version of the original UK production of \"The Sketch Show\". The exact same sketches with the added bonus of incorrect elocution and extremely annoying American accents.

    Was extremely surprised to come across this Americanised version of \"The Sketch Show\" and was even more surprised (although I guess it was kind of expected) when I found out that they were just using the same sketches from the original show, except with different actors. I dislike this version, mainly because I don\'t think that American actors (at least, THESE actors) are able to pull off comedy like the British. Their execution of these recycled sketches are anything but impressive. I felt a little sorry for original cast member Lee Mack (funny guy!) because he had to put up with these amateurs. I wonder why he let himself get caught up in Kelsey Grammar\'s failed remake in the first place. Any fans of this American version have undoubtedly not watched the original version, which is -- and I stand firm on this -- infinitely superior to this pile of rubbish. For once, FOX has made the correct decision to dump this.
  • Fox doesn't know what they're doing! This show was great!

    This show was one of the great ones, but Fox wanted to show crap instead of great shows. This show only lasted for a few episodes when it was terminated.

    Fox wanted to keep showing shows like The Simple Life, and other crap. This show didn't fit that genre, so it was canned.

    I beg Fox to bring it back. This was one of the only shows on TV that was clean and still funny. I guess Fox didn't realize the genius that is Mr. Grammer.

    So instead of this excelent show in their line-up, we must watch some of the worst television programs ever made.

    Please bring this show back!
  • I thought it was a great show and the comedy was corny and it was funny but I guess theres nothing you can do maybe they will put i on dvd

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  • What a great show! Too bad the ratings were not.

    This show was hilarious. They should not have canceled it. I know the ratings were not great, but a cable network should have at least picked up the show. It was great. They just had short sketches that were all funny. It was a very funny show and I hope it comes back on the air soon.
  • The Sketch Show could have been great but it really did not have much to work with...

    The Sketch Show could have been great but it really did not have much to work with. The actors played their parts very well and there were many bits that kept me laughing for a few days. The Sketch Show's biggest problem was that the jokes were predictable and corny (for lack of a better word). When comparing it to shows that share ALMOST the same concept like, Saturday Night Live, MAD TV and Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Sketch Show could not compete. I'm sure that all the actors will get other jobs in the industry as they are all very talented. As for people who say it should be brought back, I don't think it would only be able to last for a season or two, tops.
  • Alas another great show was cancelled before it's time.

    The show is very, very, very... funny! I could not believe that the show was cancelled, I mean, come on, it was just getting good. Then bam! They cancelled it. Whoever thought that they it was a good idea that the show was cancelled should die of some illness. The skits are absolutely funny. The show gets a bunble of laughs from me every time. It is fabulous!
    Who in their right mind would cancel a show that funny and good. They better put it back on the air or atleast have the DVDs for sale. Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show rules!
  • It was one of FOX's greatest show pitches,and nobody watches it!?

    I don't expect a lot of story from skit shows,so it depends on being funny and good delivery...this is a skit show that gets both of those right!The sketch show is excellent.I was astounded by the first episode at how funny it was!The only bad thing is that it's no longer being shown!If they ever deside to put it on dvd,GET IT!There are many episodes they didn't use,and the onse they DID use are fantastic!
  • random sketches full of laughs

    This is the greatest sketch show i've seen on FOX. It shouldn't be cancelled. It's a GREAT SHOW. You'll laugh out loud with this comedy. The sketches are hillarious!!!! Kelsey Grammer and his team reall knew what they were doing. The show should be given an extra chance. FOX didn't promote it so much. Maybe a different day or time slot or something. It has the potential to do very well.