Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • The Americanised version of the original UK production of \"The Sketch Show\". The exact same sketches with the added bonus of incorrect elocution and extremely annoying American accents.

    Was extremely surprised to come across this Americanised version of \"The Sketch Show\" and was even more surprised (although I guess it was kind of expected) when I found out that they were just using the same sketches from the original show, except with different actors. I dislike this version, mainly because I don\'t think that American actors (at least, THESE actors) are able to pull off comedy like the British. Their execution of these recycled sketches are anything but impressive. I felt a little sorry for original cast member Lee Mack (funny guy!) because he had to put up with these amateurs. I wonder why he let himself get caught up in Kelsey Grammar\'s failed remake in the first place. Any fans of this American version have undoubtedly not watched the original version, which is -- and I stand firm on this -- infinitely superior to this pile of rubbish. For once, FOX has made the correct decision to dump this.